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I first saw this on ebay and checked out their website. It looks familiar. Any one know anything about ?

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I'm not familiar with it but it seems kind of small and the temp range is not very high, which means to me that it doesn't have a very high watt heating element...

I think that for that price I would go for an MES or a Bradley if you are wanting an electric smoker...

That of course is just my take on it, others may know about this unit and have a different opinion...
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Certainly another Cookshack Smokette look a like. Not a bad price.

Same 350 watt 8 amp element as the Smokin Tex 1100 Pro
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That what I was think. Looks alot like my Cookshack Smokette. Doesn't seem like a bad price. If it is built as good as the cookshack it will be a great unit. I love my cookshack.
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I've seen photos of the wiring of the Cookshack and the Smokin Tex. They are not the same. The CS is built better. There is more than one reason they are more expensive.

Now the difference between a Smokin Tex and Smokin-it? Now these really look like exact clones. I wouldn't be surprised if they were made by the same company. Smokin-it could be an outlet of Smokin-Tex. The price of the S-it is excellent. If I had not already purchased a MES I think I would have to swing toward this Smokin-it. Even if it's not as good as the Shack, it's still better constructed than the MES.
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No I cann't say that I have seen it before. But it does lokk to me like it's worth the money at 219.00 It seems a bit over priced to me.
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I choose Door #3 Final Answer, MESicon_mrgreen.gif
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