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gotta just Love the patiently waiting Loin!
"it better be good or I'm going to eat you" :)biggrin.gif
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Ok, here is the finished product. It was very very good. The Mrs said it was the best she has ever had. I'll give you my after the smoke thoughts after the pics.

Rested & Ready to slice

Sliced n ready to be comsumed!!

Half a brisket (not the biggest smoke ring but there was a light ring)

This was after we ate and sliced the other half and ready to store for sammies tomorrow. The Au jus on the left though was the bomb. Dredged each slice thru there when serving. That just came out of the foil when I opened it (I had put in some of my mop sauce before closing the foil and smoking the last couple of hours.

Ok so my observations:

Flavor was amazing!!! I wouldn't change the mop, marinade, or rub for teh next time. Just the right amount of smoke too. Only change is I took it off at 190 degrees, I may go to 195 next time, and after foiling, I kicked up the temp from 220 to 250 and I think that made it finish a bit too soon. WOuld have been even more tender if I let it go the rest of teh way slower. All in all though simply amazing and we can't wait to eat ion it later or tomorrow. Thanks for all the help folks. If anyone wants my mop, marinade, or rub creation, let me know and I will post.

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I would love to know what it is. biggrin.gif
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It looks delicious, good job...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good lookin briskey

Congrats !
I have never found my MES to produce anywhere near the smoke ring of my offset. Flavor ,Yes easier to use ,yes but not asthetics.
How about posting your recipes ?
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Yeah the electric smokers are tough to get a smoke ring. I have been successful with a nice ring on my last 2 racks of ribs and last 2 pork butts. I have been using the method of charcoal briquettes and chunks of wood. I dodn't get too much of a ring this time probably because of the gentle smoke so I didn't over smoke the brisket. I also forgot to put it in teh smoker cold which seems to be helping. At the end of the day, smoke ring or not, its all about the taste and this brisket tasted reeaaallll good!
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Well my top secret Mop / Spray consists of....................................

Equal parts of................................................ .........

Apple Juice and............................................... ........

Cherry Coke !!!!!!

That's it, but oh so good!!!. If you want the marinade or rub let me know.

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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Glad it turned out well for you. Let us know what the taste test results are.
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The flavor was awesome. We agreed that we couldn't think of anything to change in the flavorings. So glad I documented everything. :). All I would do different next time is let it cook slower once I wrapped it, may make it even more tender. I would also look for one with a bit more fat on the cap. I would have liked it a bit more juicy. But I wouldn't change a thing flavor-wise. It was really that good. My 3 concoctions all worked to perfection and complimented each other.

Can't wait to hit the leftovers later LOL
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Very nice Cowboy.Your brisket looks like it came out perfect and nice and juicey all right. Great job and keep up the good work.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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