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On the edge of my seat waiting to hear the results and see some Qview...actually kind of concerned, you're not suffering from some sort of meat overdose are you?
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Tick Tock Tick Tock...Can't wait for an update...You are killing me with the silence! I'm sure it was awesome and you are beat from the ovenighter, however. Send pics when you can!
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So my heart is still ticking, and much to my dismay, no one suffered a coronary issue. I was hoping someone would have a clogged artery at least, so then we would have a definate winner. It ended up being called a draw as there was very little left from both sides of the match.

I dropped the Fattie bomb on them, and the crowd was stunned. It was as if I unwrapped the holy grail wrapped in bacon. It got rave reviews and I can still taste the smoke under my fingernails this morning. Thank god my manicurist left them long. Flavor savers...

Here are a few photos. I apologize for not getting one of the pork pulled or the ribs, but the second I put the food out, there was a mad rush. I don't think these people had eaten in weeks.

Italian Fattie came out quite good and without any chest hair or gold chains...

Here we are looking into the eye of the beast...

And here it is all cut up and ready for devouring...

And my butt before getting wrapped for transport...

All in all it was a delicious Sunday, and there are only winners when bbq is involved.
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