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Seared Prime Rib - Ya Baby W/Qview

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Krogers has a sale here for ribeye steaks.

3.99 a pound. I love when I save more than I spend.

Nice looking piece of meat.

Yoshidas, garlic and lemon pepper.

Fire baby!

Ready for the smoker.

Aujus, 3 cups Tones beef base and some garlic, didn't have any onions.

More to come.
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Ron, the only thing I can say Is . icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice looking piece o meat!
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It was great, ate the bones and a slice. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
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Do you know someone in the super market or do you just go everyday.You always fine the good deals. Those prime ribs look fantastic and I'm sur quite tasty. I have to fine this yashidas seasoning I see you using it on everything. Maybe we'll talk one day.
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These were in the weekly sales flyer as steaks. I just asked them to make roasts instead. Yea we can talk, shoot me a PM.

All done.

The supervisor patiently waiting.

135' and out.

Couple of the bottom bones and a slice. Nice and tender.
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Here is a proper plate view, the last was last night and just wanted a chunk to eat.

Just sliced and cold.

After the microwave.

Flipped over. Carol said it was still a little raw for her and saved me a piece.icon_redface.gif
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Nice...gotta love the rib bone-in cut...did some ribeye here tonight, smoked/seared....mmmmmmm. Carol doen't quite like the looks/taste of the juicy wife's story, too. Med/well is OK, but don't "push it"--heh-heh!

Good smoke, Ron!

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Boy that looks good Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Beauty Ron.I like it no higher then 135 myself.That is a happy pooch you have there...
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I am drooling on my keyboard. I could eat that every week and never get tired of it. Very good looking Ron, I always expect the best from you and you don't disappoint.icon_cool.gif
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omg that looks great wow juicy and everything i wan to try one of those!
ok i dont know my meats from my feets? a prime rib is just a thick cut ribeye? please explain what i would need to make one of those?
Thanks Ron
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Hey Gary,
Just get a rib roast of the size you want. A lot of people like to get the large end or chuck end. If you can find a sale on ribeye steaks just ask for a larger cut and to cut the chine bone off and tie it up for you.

Good luck!!
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Oh man!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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beef will be my next try looks good
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Ron, that prime looks so good, damn that makes me hungry. Gota go eat--
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Good lookin prime!
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