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Best Canadian Bacon yet!

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Wanted to drop a picture of this batch of CB. Really turned out nice. It was very flavorful. I did a dry cure for 7 days and smoked it with a mix of hickory and mesquite. Rub had brown sugar, garlic, and onion along with CBP. When I smoked it I applied more CBP as well as garlic and onion. Took it to 155 degrees. Thanks for lookin.

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Oh man, that looks good. How long did it take to smoke?
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I'll take the one in the front... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I was at the lake and used my El Cheapo Electric Brinkman which was runnin hot most of the time. I don't usually smoke at 255 and 265 but this thing was perkin. I think I had them in the smoker about 4 hours and they were done. Maybe a little less.
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Looks great Dave. Glad they turned out for you.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Boy I hope mine looks half as good as yours. I start smoking mine tomorrow.

Are you going to slice it thin for sandwiches or thick for breakfast meat?
Thinking about doing both, how about you?
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We had it both ways. It made excellent sandwiches... but one of my favorite ways to fix it is to cut it thick and warm it on a hot grill. Lay some pineapple slices on the grill to sear and serve them on top of the CB.
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Canadian Bacon

That looks yummy, Great job, great color
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Now thats a fine looking pair of bacon there dave. Those looks like they were smoked perfectly. Keep it up PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice looken CB there dave i need to try this what did ya use for cure and how did it taste as far as salt goes.
what was the #'s of your loins.
thanks for the qview and help.
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This was one loin cut in two. Each piece was 3.5 pounds. I cured with tender quick... a little garlic powder, onion powder and CBP. I left these in the cure an extra day or so because of time schedule. I planned on smoking them early one morning so I rinsed them well... put them in a bowl of cold water in the sink about 11 at night. Went to take a shower and was planning on putting them in the fridge overnight. Forgot about them completely until I woke up the next morning. Decided since they were still cold to the touch down in the cold water... and being cured, I would go ahead and smoke them. Got them on the smoker about 9 that morning. I reseasoned them with the same seasonings and added just a little bit of brown sugar. I'm not sure why these turned out better than my last ones but they really had the flavor. Might have been the extra cure time... maybe leaving them in the sink all night.... something really worked on these.
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do you soak in water overnight when you rinse these to remove the cure and does it aleaviate the salt tasteicon_question.gif
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I left these in standing water in a bowl in the sink overnight. I rinse really well and then let them soak. I like to dry them off and let them sit overnight in the fridge before I smoke them. These were not salty at all.
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If ya dont have time ta soak over night. You can soak w/ peeled cut up raw potatoes . Change water every 30 min and change taters once around half way through soak . taters draw out alot of salt.
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thanks eman i have a butt curing now for some buckboard bacon use taters with this also
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Radar's Up

I'm glad your meat turned out well. I would be concerned with leaving it out for so long at room temperature....unless you had some ice in the sink.

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Or it was cured it looks great Dave
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I wouldn't normally do that.... but due to it being cured and the cold temp it was kept at in the sink it wasn't a problem. I was concerned about it too until I realized I had cured it and it wouldn't hurt it to not be refridgerated for that length of time. Anyway.... we've eaten the whole thing and it was excellent. Who knows..... maybe that's why it turned out so good.
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