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Kingsford on sale at Lowe's until the 7th

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Went to Lowes today to grab a bag of charcoal, they have a buy one get one deal so I got two bags for $8.48. Sale goes on until the 7th.
Make sure to check your local circular before going to grab them, don't know if this was a national sale or more local.
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Kansas City has the same price so it must be a national sale...
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came here to post this....i see someone beat me too it. I agree that it must be a national sale 2....i just grabbed 4 bags yesterday in North Carolina!! Can't beat that price!!
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Gloat, gloat, I scored on 12 bags this past Friday.
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triple gloat our local dillons (kroger) has 18# kingsford 6.99 a bag got 4 and 4 different flavors of kc masterpiece bbq sauce (small bottles).
with coupons charcoal was .99cents & bbq sauce was 1.19.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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What size bags are on sale at Lowes? It would be nice if we could use the $6 coupon with this sale.
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does Lowes sell any of the other products you have to buy for the coupon to workicon_question.gif
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That's a good question, I don't know but most likely not.

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hey i just threw some abts on will be dun in bout 3 hrs grab some cold ones & come on over we will run over to dillons bring your coupons and you can stock up for the cold seasonicon_mrgreen.gif
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yea lowes deal here in arkansas too.where do you get the coupons?
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I have a whole stack of em too.
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come on over
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they was an on line internet coupon that was supposed to be good till 12/09 but they pulled the plug on the site coupons are still working but for how long who knows.
i'm stocking up would try to fax ya one but i dont know if that will work they have to go thru a scanner
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PM me your email address and I'll send you a PDF copy.
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Just back from Lowes and brought back a trunk load of charcoal. Buy one and get one free limit 2. But I had a cpl friends limit 6icon_smile.gif

Here is a copy of the coupon which does work because I've printed it and used it on many occasions.

I hope it works for you.

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Maybe "Glad" products
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