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Labor Day Labor of Love

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Just got done prepping the main courses for labor day. here's a 10# brisky that i've been slobbering over for weeks. trimmed it some and gave it a good coating of lysanders bourbon rub..the mop is just gonna be some beef bouillon, apple grape juice and JD. I'll put it in about midnight tommorrow night and baby sit it for a couple of hours then nap and put on part 2

Part 2 consists of 3 racks of untrimmed spares with lysanders bourbon and spicy bourbon rub. they will also be mopped but with pork bouillon and then glazed with sweet and sour sauce

also have some chicken going on the grill and a turkey breast that will go on the rottiserre after it smokes for about 2 hours.. a friend gave me some jalepenos and i might try some abt's which i never have tried.. plus the usual corn on the cob and smoked whole potatoes

got the grandson a new toy too last week but he can't understand why it's not as big as pop-pops
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Looks like its gonna be a feast I'll look forward to more Qview!!!
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forgot pic

forgot pic of grandsons new toy..i wish kubota had a line of battery powered tractors but had to settle for a deere
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Now thats cool great job Grandpa PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks Good, patiently waiting for Qview...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Just remember, "Nothing Runs Like a Deere."icon_mrgreen.gif
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8 hours in

Here's the brisky after 8 hours in..internal temp was 155 so it's probably in the plataeu. mopped once with beef bouillion, apple jucie and a little Kentucky Gentleman.. ribs will be going on very soon along with a fattie cause i'm starving
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Looks like it's gonna be a good day for you!

points.giffor pulling the all nighter and for getting the kid a better color tractor than grandpa's LOL
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Now thats a great grandpa. Nice set of tractors there line. You just have to love that big one little one. Now that brisket in the smoker look great and your well onb your way to a good smoke. Keep it up.
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that brisket looks really good, I cant wait to see the final pics. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Brisket looks GOOOOD... They didn't have toy tractors like that when we were younguns.. This might not be the place for this post but I gotta do it.. My grandson was staying with us this summer for a while and I was
inna middle of fixing the deck on my old gravely riding mower. I let him
ride it around in the yard while I was doing it. He got ruts wore through the grass from playing with it so much.

I put the deck back on and showed him how to operate it and now U can't THROW him back on it.. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif Hemi..
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OMFG the smell is driving me nutz

heres the brisket at 12 hours..temp is at 160 and it looks delicious, can't wait for it to be done. just got done mopping it. when it gets a little higher in temp i'll put it in a roaster pan and tent it till 195 then into the cooler

and heres the ribs after 3 hours. not going to foil them but give them some intense spritzing for the next 2 hours then start glazing them with sweet and sour i can't wait

sorry didn't get any pics of the fattie the son, dog and i devoured it
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almost done

here is the brisket. i put it in a pan and covered and wrapped it in towels till my ribs are done

the ribs are in the last phase..did them unfoiled and they look great. heres 1 unglazed

here it is with glaze

the glaze is just a sweet and sour the COTC and the taters on now..going to do the abts later to take to work tommorrow

Hope you all had a good Labor Day
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Good deal! Excellent looking brisket and bones there Linescum...very impressive. It's meat like this that you all put out that really gets the hunger going for another smoke! Wonderful....

Thanks for sharing the pic of your grandkid and your lawn tractor. Really nice and something to treasure. They only had pedal-power when I was a kid!

You certainly earned points for a beautiful brisket.

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