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Ribs and Fatties

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We had a party last Sunday and made what I have been told are the best ribs we have done to date. The problem is, Big Al and I each only got one. To resolve that we threw on 4 racks of St. Loius cut spares and 2 fatties - one maple and one sage. The Sage fattie is already history, and the maple is for our neighbors, along with a rack or two.
Here is the start of the cook this morning...

The fatties are straight out of the package - no stuffing, no rub (except what came off my hands from the ribs) , no bacon blanket.
Royal Oak with cherry and apple for flavor.
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Looks like a great start!!
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Looks Good Elly...
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Here are the post pics - they weren't as tasty as I have had in the past.
Same rub, same wood mix, same technique. go figure...

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They sure look good though...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice Job.I cook alot with comps,practice,catering and we sometimes call them MUTANT ribs when we do everything the same and have different results...Looks good though........
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You know sometimes you just have to not tell us everything. Those ribs look fantastic. The one good thing is that everyone got the great ribsand you got the (to you) the so so ribs.
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