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First time smoker - No smoke after and hour...

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Is this normal? How can I help it along? I have a Perfect Flame vertical smoker.

Any feedback would be most appreciated!

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How far is your wood/chips from the burner? Can you give a a few details?
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Did you soak the chips?
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* Smoker is propane.
* Yes, I did soak my chips for 20-30 min.
* The wood box is right ablove the burner.

......still no smoke. My guess is that there is not enough air flow. I could be wrong, though.
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Can you smell smoke? If you can, don't worry about it. If you smell smoke, you're smoking.

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Dave is correct if you can smell it so can the meat. Another question is what are you using for a thermometer??????? If you keep answering the questions we will get it figured out biggrin.gif
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Not that there is anything wrong with that icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yes!! A definite (delicious) smoking smell was evident from the get-go.
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good deal - this is what you want ~ what you see is nothing compared to what you smell.

they don't call it the thin blue smoke for nothin'!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Pineywoods - If you mean a temp gauge, that's on the front door of the smoker. If you mean a meat thermometer.....I don't have one yet.
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The thermometer on the door is most likely off many are way off. If you have an oven timer try putting it on the rack to see what it reads then you'll know what the door thermo should read for the right tamp at grate level. Many of us run a digital thermo just to monitor grate level temps. If your getting the smell of smoke your doing great thats perfect. You don't want that billowing white smoke you want thin blue smoke or no smoke just the smell
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i bought the same unit and i use the propane just to ramp up the heat real quick and i use a pan with holes drilled in for charcoal/wood for smoke.
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