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Weekens Smoke-19 pound brisket and 6 racks st.louis cut spares

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Brother and Sister familys, plus a bunch of friends are gathering at garden to can tomatoes, roast green chiles and i am smoking 50 pounds of homegrown chipotles

Here is the brisket getting ready to dance...sister will be smoking it tonite.


Brisket goes on with oak and peacan in 30 minutes or so

Here are the six trimmed spares..

Much more to come ....
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Sounds like fun - keep the pictures coming.
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Whatta MONSTER brisket, there ALX....good grief. Nice trimming job you did too. Great that you got to be a test-market for some injection~ hope it turns out good. By the looks of it - the grind, the solution you are good to go so far!

You have a great sister, by the way, if she's providing Guinness "draught" in a can! WOW and Yeah! Good beer is necessary for the throwdown you all are havin'.

Also, professionally trimmed spares to my eye. Big thumbs up to you for that as well. Looking forward to more pics as the cook progresses, and good smokes to you, too!

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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Now thats has to be the biggest brisket I believe I have ever seen outside of the cow. you have what appears to be a secert sauce there I hope it will make it to the menu side of this site pretty soon. you also have some nice looking ribs for later and now it's time for the great Irish beer and it's free to boot. Great job so far keep it up and the Q rite along with it. Ok Go smoke PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man I love parties and I love to Q for friends and family. Great pic's so far. Can't wait to see the rest.
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I think that cow was too close to a buffalo herd...LOL That is a huge brisket...

Looks great, keep the Qview coming...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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8 pounds of fat?? Holy Cow!! lol Looks like a great smoke on the way.. I was hoping for better sales this weekend on meat.. Nothing good around here :(
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Hit the smoke 2 hours ago...

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It appears that the brisket is a bit more manageable after removing almost 8 lbs of fat. Looks like it's going to be a winner along with the ribsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That looks good even raw, man do I love the look of a nice brisket.
Great that you are throwing on some ribs and drinking up the Guinness, one of my favorite beers.
Look forward to seeing how you liked the injection and rub combo on it, hope you have a great night and keep the TBS flowing Alex.
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Brisket was done around 9 a.m..It is fantastic.

Going to cube the point and smoke more for burnt ends

Ribs rubbed and on smoker-Apple/Cherry wood

Picked 10 pounds of fresh red japs from garden to smoke

.About 1000-1200 on tables.

Hope to roast another 20 plus ponds of my joe parker numex green chiles

Be back with rib picks in 5-6 hours.....
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You're killing me here Alex, beautiful tomatoes and peppers, and I love that roaster.
But then that brisket...WOW! Just WOW! It looks great, never did burnt ends before but have always meant to.
Good luck on the ribs (not that you need iticon_wink.gif) and have fun canning, roasting and smoking the day away.
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Wow and wow times two. Outstanding looking brisket and glad the injection came out good. Any chance we can get some pre-commercial launch? PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Great looking ribs going onto the smoker and beautiful tomatoes and japs, too. You've got a busy say ahead and some great food. Enjoy PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice ALX. Great job on everything.points.gif
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Awesome. What a spread. Looks great....
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The meat looks awesome...

Your produce is something everyone should be envious of... Perfect in color and appearance.

I really like the chilies roaster also, something every chilie head should have...points.gif
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Ribs,burnt ends are done..


This pic shows the 6 racks in a foil pan finished

Here are you burnt ends fire it up-Jim-This pic is before 3 hours extra smoke

Last hour or so in K.C. Masterpiece Steak Marinade

The 3/4x3/4 cubes of JOY-by the way nobody lives in the garden house except cat-the background may look a little primitive etc.........

Chipotles have been smoking for 5 hours in TBS of Pecan/Apple

Everything went so well with the extra help-a childhood friend of mine had time to fire up his forge.We needed a 5 foot long poker for burning barrel.Lotta deadfall around bro in laws 2 acre garden.....

Going to burn alot of debris tonite-drink some beer

Thanks for checking out the busy /productive day.....
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3/4x3/4 cubes of joy, I like that.
Ribs look great and I love the shot of the burnt end on the knife, to hell with a fork! Just promise me you won't eat off that thing after 10 beers.
Glad all went so smoothly today, now it's time to drink some beers, eat some good food and enjoy the rest of your night.
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I can get you some only if you jump out of a c-130 and land in backyard...LMAO. I will see .
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With that offer, I am tryin' like heck to coordinate for this bird for some jump time!

Love the C-130 Hercules... the sweetest bird I have ever jumped out of. Knees to the breeze we say, and this one is the best yet!

Got my dash-one parachute all ready and good to go. With that 'chute I will be center-mass in your backyard with no problem. I'll try to avoid your plants!

No worries on being illegal with your injection...I'll never tell! Thanks for the offer. When you hear that sweet deep roar overhead look upstairs....


Outstanding smoke and major points to you!
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