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Roast Beef Help Needed

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I am looking to do my first roast beef this weekend for slicing. Not much better in the world than a nice roast beef sammich, crisp lettuce, mild cheddar cheese, fresh mater slices, and horseradish on it. Sorry, started daydreaming about the roast beef again. biggrin.gif

I need some help with how to prep the meat. Anyone got a good rub or marinade for roast beef? Or should I just toss it on the smoker naked?
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I just use salt, pepper, and garlic powder on mine I like it simple on roast beef
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I'm with jerry on this one Salt and Pepper and a maybe alittle Garlic then a simple Kiss. Then it's in the smoker for the time of it's life. You will really love the goodness of the beef.
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Thanks! I will give it a go. :)
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A little Mojo Crillio is not bad for beef either. Although I do prefer it on beef ribs or London Broil the most.
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what cut of beef do you use for roast beef?
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I am using sirloin tip roast I got from Sam's.
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I love these things. I'm with you guys on the seasoning. I do rub mine down with EVO and then salt, CBP, onion powder and some garlic powder. I think next one I'm going to cut some slits in it and put a couple little cloves of garlic down in it. The last one I did I pulled at 138 and it tasted a bit undercooked so I threw it on the grill and seared it. Turned out really tastee.
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I agree on the salt pepper and sometimes garlic. I also like to use a top round, for some reason they taste better to me then anything else.
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I ended up using sea salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder, and a little cayenne. It just came out of the drum and is resting. It smells incredible. I just hate having to wait til tomorrow to slice it up. icon_sad.gif

Pics to come...
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what temp do you pull the roast beef at so it is like you get at a deli with some pink in the middle?
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Rare....130 - 135. Medium rare.... 140 - 145. I pull between 135 and 140.
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Some pics.

Partially rubbed.

And off the smoker.

I just put it in the fridge and will attempt to slice it tomorrow.
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well it's tomorrow, where's the Q-view of the sliced beef?
J/K. looks great so far.
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And I thought I was impatient Dan. biggrin.gif

Roast beast! I am going to get a slicer before I do this again. This was a lot to cut up by hand and the slices are far from even but I tried my best. The taste, texture, flavor and moisture are incredible. I may try and inject the next one. Not sure with what yet, but an italian roast beef sounds good to me.

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Yea, those slices s*ck!
I am jealous as all get out. Looks great. Congratulations.
I am with the Salt and pepper crowd. I use a loin roast, but may try your sirloin next time.
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