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The start of holiday salsa

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My 2 year old plants are producing for the second time this year, and they're coming out bigger than they did in spring. Gloria's going to use these and some more, in a fresh salsa for our Sunday Tardeada(afteroon party). Hope to have pics before the folks start digging in. Thanks for checking out my chiles.
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Beautiful chiles, Rich and really looking forward to your Tardeada pics. I'm sure it's gonna be a great time for you all and the food will be out-STAND-ing!
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Those are some big um for sure there Rich. Thats gonna make some mighty fine salsa. I hope you have a great time at your Tardeada (thats the sit around and drink thing isn't) and I know there will be plenty of Q and some good eats. Enjoy and have a blast.
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Great looking peppers.
2nd year, I keep forgetting where you are located. I'm so used to ripping the plants out of the ground and composting them every year after we get our first frost.
Nighttime temps lately have me wondering if frost will come early this year.
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Looks great.Can't wait for the recipe and pics.
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