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Ever brine a brisket?

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I was meeting with one of my customers today and he was getting ready to smoke 2 briskets. He had them soaking in a brine of pickling salt and brown sugar. I don't recall ever hearing about anyone brining a brisket before and was wondering what the results would be like. Anyone ever tried this before? Ronp?

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It's called corned beef... and with the right seasonings..... pastrami.


Let me elaborate. I don't think I answered your question fully after reading it again. You essentially are doing the same thing when dry curing or brining. I dry cured my brisket. If you are brining and pickling... injecting your solution, you cut down the curing time. Each method has it's end product of flavor and texture differences but they both are basically methods to cure and season.
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I guess what I did is brining. I soaked it in water and pickeling spices and a few other things for a week and It came out tasting like corned beef and really good to. Then I boiled it and served it with cabbage. I'm sure I didnt do it before Ron but I did it along time ago.
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Basically as the others have said he was curing it into corned beef, that is as long as it was brined for several days and not just an overnight type of deal.
When I do pastrami I inject and then dry cure but many recipes and other folks do it with a brine and the results have looked amazing.
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