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What is a "Chuck Roast"

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Okay, I wanted to make a brisket, and it was suggested I try a chuckie first. This must be an American name, as I've never seen a cut of beef called that in any grocery store.

Can any Canuck members help a newbie out? What name should I be looking for instead of "Chuck Roast"? I want to give my smoker a workout this long weekend. Last weekend I managed to buy a Pork Shoulder at the butcher and it turned out great in pulled pork sandwiches. Time to try some beef.

I see Sobey's has boneless inside blade pot roast this weekend for $3.99 / lb. Is this what I want?



PS. Can a mod please move this from the Grilling Beef forum? I tried deleting but can't figure out how?
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The pot roast would be fine, but I believe it is a shoulder roast.
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an arm roast is best for that type of cut if you ask me.
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There are lots of charts on the internet that help explain different cuts of meat. Here is a link to one of them. It refers to a shoulder pot roast.
Different areas of the world call meat cuts by different names also. You may want to explore it some more. Sometimes it gets confusing. I mean... why call something a butt that comes off the shoulder.
I don't know from experience but from what I'm reading and looking at the Pot Roast seems to be a much leaner cut of meat than the Chuck Roast. The Chuck being that it has more fat would be the better cut in my opinion to smoke for pulling. Hope this helps.
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Funny you should ask this when you did. I just started this thread last night. Maybe it will help you
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Thanks for the links and tips folks. I went to the grocery store that had the sale on and walked out with these:

The larger one on the left is 2.5 lbs and is called a Brisket Point Pot Roast.
The smaller one on the right is 2.0 lbs and is called a Boneless Inside Blade Pot Roast.

I looked at the meat charts that were linked, still not too sure what the smaller one would be called here, but they should both taste great I'd imagine. Will let you know. Thanks again!

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