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I have some beef ribs on right now, 2 hours in I wrapped them in foil and added a bit o apple juice, was just wondering when I should take them and drop them into a pot of boiling water PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Soon. Hurry.
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"The Shed" on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives in Mississippi shows them foiled.

I do both but that horse was bludgened early on in the poo flinging icon_mrgreen.gif
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Any show with that freak guy ferrari in it has no credibility anyway so I didn't miss much. That clown wouldn't know real BBQ if he was slapped upside his spiked dyed head with it.
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Tis the same old story. Zeolets can turn old shoes into a religous experience but in the end if the shoe does not fit; your feet hurt! Maybe we better be careful before congress does a reconciliation and crams foil or no foil down our throats. LMAO at the dogma of some who believe my way to BBQ is gospel.
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Perhaps you should read his bio.

It appears he has quite a bit of experience in the food and restaurant business.

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I have probably smoked or grilled hundreds of racks of ribs in my life but never tried the 3-2-1 method so today was the day.
Then I read this thread. Hummm??
So! I have decided to foil one of the racks for the 3-2-1 method and smoke the other as usual.
I'll report back.

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boilem foilem leave guy out of it i like him
chapter 5PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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dangit i missed it all!!! foil/no foil, mike mills, and whatever else... please peeps do whatever works best for you!!! expieriment with it all till you find the perfect rib that suits you and your family. thats what it is all about. and to top it off with your own personal method,your own home made rub, and if you like the sauce your own homemade sauce... anyone telling you the perfect way of making ribs... dont mean jack, may be perfect to that person but to 99 other people maybe just not quite right. expieriment til you find what works for you and there is not a discussion in the world that shud change that, although it may have you look at alternative method to expieriment some more with. so whether you foil or not cause it dont matter, smoke on!!!
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.. ... AMEN .....
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I am finding myself varying the way I smoke now compared to when I started and probably will undergo some further changes as time goes on and as I get the GUTS to experiment or want my taste to change.

I understand that Kingofbrother's buddy wasn't saying foiling was the same as boiling, he meant i was just as cheap of a method as boiling and I disagree for most all the reasons already given.

I foil...HOWEVER, I will try one day not to and see if I can get good at finishing my product just the way I like it. But I am not going to go off the deepend if I have to stick to foiling to get them the way I like them just cuz it's not the 'PURE' way...

15 years ago I didn't email either, nor did I write to any of you in the US mail to post my opinion, but since we have the ability to share knowledge now, well, SMOKE ON and foil away!!!
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Boy this thread has legs! Well just to juice it up some more, should I use heavy duty foil, or standard. Oh, and how about foiling in a foil pan vs. wrapping totally in foil. icon_mrgreen.gif
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this horse has been beat...
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If you were to foil a horse...Should i add liquid.My buudy says it aint real
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Personally I would foil the horse at 170, I think 160-165 would work but the extra few degrees makes a world of difference, as for liquid, the tears of the local children when I tell them it is My Little Smoked Pony are all I need icon_evil.gif

Seriously though, I have never had horse but I would think it would be best to foil that one.
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Horse is very similar to beef except for the moo and neigh thing. They both taste like Chicken.

I find that saddle of horse is quite tough and chewy with metal bits you are wise to spit out. No amount of smoking will make it tender no matter how long its been boiling away in the foil.

I wonder is the correct term for braised young horse, foal boil?
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Okay-that's all folks, thread is now CLOSED
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