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Good bye!!
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Probably waited a tad too long on this guy Jerry. LOL!
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Sorry people but that last set of outbursts has spelled the end of the Grilla
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Good I don't come here to hear things like that. Good riddance
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Probabally but I wanted to consult another Mod before doing it and we agreed this morning that we would see if his bs would continue. Well I guess we got our answer but he got ours too
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I think next time I'm going to try the 6 hour 210 thing (not even spraying the ribs right?).

However I love the jus that foiling gets me with everything else. I could never give it up!

Good thread, and great recovery by the SMF membership and mods!
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Thank you Jerry. We don't need people like that here.
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Oh and I've been wondering,

On the topic of RIBS, Carolina style ribs are GRILLED? over high heat? I saw this on a Bobby Flay throwdown.

Is it the cut of meat, or how does that work? Anyone know?
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LOL... love these "viral" threads that take off.... heh-heh.

Foiling vs. Not Foiling is all about personal taste. I have done both ways and both are good, but I really like the bark I get from not foiling - and of course my wife and kids prefer the tender slide off the bone of foiling.... lol.

I have setteled on the method of foiling and then letting them rest in the cooler for about an hour. It is just enough to tenderize the bark a little bit, but still gives a nice texture.

Have you friend over and do two racks - one of each way. If nothing else you will have an excuse to fire up the smoker! biggrin.gif
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Oh man, Im gone for 1/2 a day and I missed everything? I only read peoples responses. Where did this character come from? Who let him in here? LOL

Im here to set the record straight, once and for all.

Foiling is the way to go......Period.

Unless of course you don't want to foil then no foil is the way to go.....Period.

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that is true, and hilarious all in one. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Goll-Dang! This is getting like a Yankees Red sox series in September....people getting really intense LOL.
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what pig said x2!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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"First your old lady needs to change out of her shiny top and get cleaning. We can all see the mess in the back room. Maybe you should have saved the money you spent on corian counter tops and bought a maid. Why are her hands up near her face, is she taking a picture of you taking a picture, or is she smoking? Because if she was smoking that would make sense you commenting on this post. This is the "SMOKING meat forum". Not the "I cook in an Oven so my wife will think im great and finally consumate our relationshig" forum"

I take it this was whazzit's name post on my pictures? LOL!!! It was Christmas, of course there's a mess. Those are genuine granite countertops. She's holding a fruit bowl to put on the dining room table. I cook the rib in an oven because there's no smoker at my son's house... yet... but, another Christmas is coming! LOL! LOL! And, that's my daughter-in-law... here's my wife!

Gawd, I'm ROTFLMFAO - this was a riot, I love his comeback, it was soooo out of it!

But, the one thing is that we got a lot of opinions and great tips and recipes discussing it, and some are 'experimenting' this Labor Day weekend on methods, too! That means Super-Q cookin' and eatin' all weekend! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your findings, results and ESPECIALLY QVIEWS of all the dang good cookin' going on!

My best to all of you on this holiday weekend! Enjoy family, friends and most of all Super Q'in!

Just can't stop laughing,
Pops ยงยง
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I think Jerry left the door unlocked after a wild night on the town. that will teach him lol
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You are the MAN pops...Beautiful pics.
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It's amazing that even on a site like this where mostly everyone is happy and wants nothing more than to enjoy the love of our art that you get people who have some weird issues.
Took some psychology classes in college and I feel I was pretty good at it and I sure have a few theories on crazy, weird angry people that kind of spaz out for no good reason.
Could be several reasons which I will just keep to myself but fudge it Pops, you keep doing what you do and producing some beautiful food.
Love the Holiday pictures of the family happy and smiling, thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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chapter 4
the ribs boiled dry and i run out of foil.
what started out as fun went south.
i never foil,boil,flip or sauce just spritz.
i would like to thank all the great ladies on this for all their input and all the help they have given me.
PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif to all you ladies
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I have seen all the BBQ shows on tv and have never seen one restaurant foil there ribs or anything else for that matter. But I do. icon_mrgreen.gif
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