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Excuse me, but I happen to be a lady and I take offense to your comment. Women do not "belong" in the kitchen. I do the grilling and smoking in my house and do just as good a job if not better than most men do. Hubby works a lot of OT and if I waited for him to do it, it would never get done so I've taken on the job.
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Poor man's crockpot?? icon_question.gif I didn't know crock pots were that expensive. biggrin.gif

You got that right, Rick. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI cook ribs the way I like them. I don't like them fall off the bone. I like them with a little tug. Sometimes I foil, sometimes I don't. I can get them to have the tug that I like whether I foil or not. I just take them out of the foil sooner.

I don't really care if someone thinks my method is "pure" or not. I do what works for me. I don't cook for comp judges so I don't care what their standards are either. When my wife's sister takes a bite of one of my ribs and exclaims "Oh my Gawd!!" or my wife's brother is eating my ribs and says "Man, I can't stop eating these ribs", then I know what I am doing work is working.

And GrillaInManilla before you start posting disrepectful nonsense about women smokers why don't you fill in your profile and post some Qview so we can see what an expert you are. I am willing to bet large amounts of money that Cowgirl, Irishteabear, Sumosmoke and many of the other women here can SMOKE CIRCLES around you and can more than likely teach you a thing or two or three.

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What he ^^^ said. This is the message I try to live by...whatever works for you and pleases the guests, too! That is what we're all about here, really. I'm not cooking for you, I'm cooking for me and my group. All of our questions, techniques and postings, are based on our individual taste and what we like to cook and eat.

Eventually, I believe we all tailor our BBQ methods to produce whatever 'que gains the most praise from our company. icon_mrgreen.gif

Therefore, it's a fine debate, but comments in poor taste about who belongs in the kitchen, is enough to get the boot in some places icon_confused.gif

So let's keep it real here, don't let a noob sweep in and wrangle our collective feathers. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

This thread kind of ran it's course, but there were some good points made we could reflect on later...and now on to something more fun:
Labor Day Weekend!

Ok, then - good night icon_cool.gif
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Seems alot of folks have forgotten that 3-2-1 is just a guideline. Sure if you do the full 3-2-1 they WILL fall off the bone. Probably why I do 3-1-.5. This way I still get alittle tug on the meat, but its still tender. Good God, making a mountain out of a mole hill. Next thing you know someone will be doing their ribs in an oven or on the gas grill. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I have never boiled them or done them in the oven but I have grilled many racks of ribs in the past biggrin.gif
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Yes, but now you know better. wink.gif
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icon_sad.gifWow - I can not beleive we are even responding to someone with such a neanderathalic mentality. There are lots of opinions on this site about how to smoke but I have never seen anyone attack a gender like this person has. This is way beyond acceptable. It is one thing to disagree with a method but to attack a gender is unforgivable. There are a lot of ladies on here who know a whole lot more about smokin than I will ever know and I thank them for their contributions. I realize that I am a newbie but this is just wrong. How do we stop the insanity?
If I am wrong please tell me and I will fade into the sunset and shut up
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The grilla needs to be takin out to the woodshed.Shame some folks never learned.Most of his experiences with women were probably just whistling at them to come over to the car....Sad Story for him....I have no PITTY...
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I think, I hope, that grilla was just doing a bit of tongue in cheek humor and perhaps He missed just his mark a tad. I don't think any harm or slight was meant.

However. If He was serious I'd pay big bucks and travel a long way to see a throwdown between Him and Either Cowgirl or Irishteabear. Those gals can cook.

I know there are more than a few of the Ladies on here that could easily kick my Meat smoking Butt with little or no effort at all. icon_redface.gif

My generation ( 1950s ) grew up belittling any man who dared to enter a Kitchen unless of course He was a widower cooking for his orphaned kids. Then of course it would be a noble thing he was doing.

How times have changed.
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GOOD MORNING I see we are to chapter 3
the ribs are boiling dry better foilem and let the ladies take over.biggrin.gif
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You talked me into it. You smoothie You. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

I am going to try it at the lower temp next time. I have had pretty good success with 230f for 5 hours or so.

I have learned that I don't need to peek all the time and that so far has been my biggest break through.
My second biggest breakthrough with ribs is That I no longer need to kill the taste of the meat with a gallon and a half of sweet tomato sauce on them. IMO They are better without sauce. And that my friend is a testament to how good they are.

I will see how they work out at 210f and I'll give you points if it works well. Or I'll probably just go into a sulk if they don't. tongue.gif
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Wellllllllllllllllll... lemme weigh in here on this discussion.

Quite honestly, you're ALL boiling your ribs, with or without foil, with the exception of AZRocker and his friend Mike Miller.

The composition of meat is that of individual cells. Each cell contains liquid. If you freeze meat, frozen liquid expands. When it expands, it bursts the cell wall. When it unthaws, you see it on your table instead of staying inside the meat. That is why previously frozen meat is dry, such as turkey (why a fresh turkey is always more moist than a frozen one).

The same holds true for the opposite end... cooking. If you cook meat at a temperature higher than the boiling point of liquid (based on your altitude), then the liquid inside each cell will boil, burst the cell wall and boil out of your meat. Regardless of the cooking method - wet, dry, foiled, not foiled, whatever. Only by keeping the temperature below the boiling point will the liquid inside each cell NOT boil. If you're smoking at 220°, at some point that liquid will equalize with that temperature and boil. Now, that's not saying that the meat itself is reaching that temperature; it can be considerably lower; just the moisture inside the cell is. A good example of how that can happen is if you microwave a piece of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. You can get the liquid in the apple pie sauce to get steaming hot without melting the ice cream hardly at all and just barely warming the piecrust. Although smoking is not microwaving, you're still irradiating the meat and the temperature of the liquid will rise much faster than of the solid.

This is why I don't cook a prime rib at anything higher than 200° in the oven at Christmastime. I don't want to boil out the liquid out of the meat; I'd rather have it be retained until I cut into it, then capture as much as possible from the broken cells that my knife created parting it. And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.... here's some 'rib shots':

Christmas '05

Christmas '07 - had grandkids by then, a lot more pics of them than of the meat! lol!

The liquid stayed in the meat instead of ending up in the bottom of the pan -we barely had enough juice for gravy. You could press down on the meat and it would leak juice it retained it so well.
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This is rather interesting. Since I do not have his book, which I will now look into buying ... is there a "flip" in this method, say at the 3 hr mark ?
Thanks, Tim
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I chimed in late on this one. To each his own. Count me as "no foil" other than when the cook is done and I wrap to toss in the cooler. Other than that... I won't dare wade deep into this controversial subject.
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Holy Crap

This thread is off the hook. I wish my wife would start smoking. Then I could get a little more sleep during overnight smokes. This weekend I'm going to do spares. I think I'll foil 2 and not foil the last one just to see the difference. Either way they will be awesome because I'm cooking them. Thanks for the tips and opinions guys and gals. icon_confused.gif

I think that the cooking below the boiling temp makes a lot of sense. That prime rib looks awesome. I want some now.
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folks, as someone who's seen a lot of this before, i think it is safe to say that ol' grilla is just doing some fishing; my advice is that no one bites the hook, which includes getting all bent out of shape about it, because that's what he wants ~

takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, even jokers and trolls.
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The only way I could see clear to NOT eventually foil my ribs would be to have a large commercial rotisserie smoker, where the drippings from each rack baste the rack below and thereby keep it somewhat moist. Else the exterior is bound to get a bit dry.
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No Tim, there is:

-NO Membrane
-NO Flipping
-NO Foiling
-NO Rotating
-NO Disturbing, PERIOD. (Per Mike Mills)

I think you're going to like them, not fall off the bone, but tugs slightly clean off the bone, very little to no shrinkage off the bone tips (otherwise called bone shiners by Mr. Mills, means more meat to eat!)
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Maybe you should reread the rules that you agreed to when you joined SMF
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That's what makes it so funny!
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