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Foil = Boil  

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My buddy and I are having an argument. He states that real BBQ'rs don't foil their ribs. Foiling the ribs is just like boiling them. I like to foil because that's the best way to get tender, fall off the bone, no muss no fuss ribs.

He said foiling is a poor mans crockpot. I think he is mentally ill.

Is foiling the easy way out?
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It is not boiling them, it is Braizing them... I foil, but I think you are opening a can o worms with this one.
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You will get lots of different opinions but as was said foiling braises the meat which is not boiling.
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What coffie junkie said.

It is not submerged in liquid. Depending on the temp it is braizing, or steaming at a higher temp.
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I'm with ron, piney and coffee thats not boiling. Is your friend talking about boiling them before you smoke them now thats for the birds. When we smoke them we just foil to further tenderise them or braising then we unfoil to stiffen them. I tell you want just smoke some for your friend and only let him have 2 ribs and you eat the rest in front of him and I'm sure he will come around.
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I just mentioned this in one of my recent past threads.
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Absolutely not like boiling them, when you boil ribs the water sucks out all the flavor but when foiling that flavor is not only locked in but the braising in its own juices.
Though you don't have to foil the ribs, just one of those things where some do and some don't but definitely not at all like boiling.
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Not me.............

I don't foil until it is going to the cooler. But that's my choice. My que is always juicy and flavorful. so why fix what's not broke?????
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What a can of worms LOL Everyone has their preference. Personally I like tender but not falling off the bone. If I want falling off the bone type meat I will just do pulled pork. foiling has it's pourpose, but for me it's not for cooking ribs in.
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Sometimes I don't understand about pit masters who hate when people use sauce or think smoking with electic smokers is sacrilegious. I was under the impression we were trying to make delicious food... If you think braised ribs taste good, foil away brotha
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And opinions are like umm everybody has one biggrin.gif The thing I will say is do what works for you and let other people do as they choose. It disturbs me when people think the only way is their way. If someone likes to foil and it works for them so be it. If somebody doesn't foil and it works for them so be it. Personally I do them both ways it depends on my mood and the bottom line is if somebody doesn't like the ribs then don't eat them
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I personally would rather have food that I prefer done in a nontraditional way then food cooked traditionaly that I don't enjoy as much. Also, I wasn't under the impression baseball was played in quarters. Maybe I am living in a dreamworld PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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boilem then foilembiggrin.gif
chapter 2
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Im with you, different strokes.

I personally switch around and try different things all the time(I do draw the line at boiling though). thats what is great about bbq for me, experimentation, and keeping an open mind.
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I also think your gonna find we have quite a few ladies around here that know their way around a smoker and cast iron over campfires PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
as the plot thickens and the ribs boilicon_mrgreen.gif
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Seriously, you're an idiot for saying THAT...but your opinion on foil is noted.
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Is this really happening? icon_rolleyes.gif alright I'm done... time for me to go tailgating
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I'm Pretty

Certain that he got exactly what he wanted..PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif ...an argument. It doesn't make sense unless you reside in HIS head, and if you disagree with him, then in his head, you're an idiot. Sounds like he has an attitude similar to fanatics of every ilk. Send him home to disturb others PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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I'm going to leave this thread open but lets keep it on topic. If not it will be locked
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