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How to thicken up my BBQ sauce

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I am making a batch of BBQ sauce as I type this and was wanting to know how to thicken it up. I have read about a roux, but not sure what is best to use to do this with my sauce. Any help would be appreciated. I am making a double batch which will make about 4 cups of sauce. thanks

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You can simmer it to allow it to reduce or you could also add a little corn starch...
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Paul is correct but if using the corn starch, make sure to mix it with cold water before adding. If you have some sugar (brown sugar, corn syrup or similar) in the sauce, then just cooking it longer will allow it to thicken. The sauce I make uses catsup and brown sugar so thickens up real nice when cooked.
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Don't use a roux in BBQ sauce! Simmer it to thicken or use corn starch slurry.
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Post the ingredients.Is it tomato based sauce,vineager etc...Lots of ways to thicken or thin...
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Nothing like some molasses to the rescue! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Corn starch for me. Gives it a velvety sheen. Rouxs are hard and unpredictable and can taste like flour. Corn starch is good for soup also.
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Well, we did the cornstarch and warm water mix. My wife knew how to do that way and it did help thicken it up some. The sauce was a copy of The Neeleys bbq sauce that I had made before, but it was just too thin and runny for my likes.. From what I have tasted so far tonite, I think it will be much better. I appreciate all the replys

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Arrowroot is also good to use as a thickener. Its also gluten free for those who care. Spice store should have it.
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I would just heat it and let it reduce or you can add corn starch to it if you want to.
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If its tomato based use tomato paste. Ancient Italian recipe. icon_smile.gif
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Plain gelatin can also be used in a pinch, but I would just simmer and reduce it.
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How much corn starch would be needed for a gallon of sauce?

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