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A Hot Italian Hoagie, Qview, and a ?

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Several had asked for a cooked shot with our sgetti supper but Sandy had de-cased and made meat sauce. Not much good for Qview! Tonight I decided to surprise my wife with one of her favorite sandwiches normally found at a local pizza joint. The ingredients are simple: Red and green bell pepper and onion sautéed in EVOO, hoagie or other suitable bread like Italian or French, mozzarella cheese and Shooters homemade Hot Italian Sausage. The mozzarella was cheap but on hand so that’s the stuff I used. Sandy now says she will never eat one of these anywhere else again. I may have screwed up! LOL

Ingredient prep


Under the broiler: The sausage was pre grilled on the Chargriller gas side:

The money shot:

The Italian girl next door wants to buy this sausage from me. What do I charge per lb?
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As always, well done Rick!!!

Very nice job!
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LOL I'd have to agree with ya there Rick. It looks great!!
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Looks great Rick PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif If its the next door neighbor I might have a had time charging more than what it cost me
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Wow...those look great! Love some sausage and peppers, bet it's even better with homemade sausage!
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That looks delicious! You're saving yourself money in the long run by making your own at home. smile.gif

I would just charge the neighbor what it cost to make the sausage. She may be a source of references for future sales.
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looks great Rick, next time try a little garlic butter on the bread too.
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GREAT loooking sandwich! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thats one great looking sandwich there Rick. I'm sure Mrs shooter will be more than surprised and will enjoy it too. I think I would just give the neighbor a sample which I'm sure you have shared before so (I wish i was your neighbor) then charge a boat load for it. Not really what ever it cost you would be right neighborly of you Rick.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif:PDT_Ar mataz_01_37:
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Looks to me like you either surprised your wife AND made her cook it OR you need a trim on those finger nails. LOL

As far as the Italian girl next depends, what does she look like? Just kidding. Might be a great trade for some good Italian food.
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Ya I know jerry but it is her dad that wants it and that Italian Catholic family is huge. Where do ya stop and draw a line. The girl and her husband next door eat free most any time I smoke and if not i always take em free samples. I dont know.
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Hey hey, Italian Catholic ...I resemble that remark :)
If it was just for my neighbor I'd give them some for good relations. If I was feeding her family I would charge as much as the local stores do or more.and then maybe they won't hound ya for more every week. If I wanted to make it a business then I'd undercut the local stores prices. good luck and let us know what ya do.
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That looks reeeeaaaalllll good. As far as how much per LB if yer married you probably can't take payment in favors LOL, so figure what you have into it for actual cost, and mark up a bit for whatever your "love" that you added is worth to you. If you get joy just from making and others eating your work, then just charge her cost. Keep in mind if its too cheap, you may become the "butcher next door". :)

I'm Italian and I'd eat your sausage. Ok, that came out wrong!!! Kind of like "Nice butt dude" as seen in the Pork threads LOL biggrin.gif
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Those look great Rick...

What does she look like? icon_mrgreen.gif
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[quote=The Dude Abides;351507]Looks to me like you either surprised your wife AND made her cook it OR you need a trim on those finger nails. LOL

As all women when she got home she couldnt keep her hands off my stuff! LOL
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