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Pork Loins $1.38 lb at SAMS today

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I was in SAMS today (Houston area), and they had pork loins for $1.38/lb. Might want to check your area and stock up! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Sounds like a good deal I may have to go look!!
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$1.29 at the Restaurant Depot until the 14th. If you're lucky enough to have a card, or a friend with a card.
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No Resturant Depot around here icon_sad.gif
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Sorry to hear that Piney...there are several in Texas, where O.P. is from.
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I stand corrected...several in FL, probably just not close by to you.
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That's a great price, but I don't have a the closest one to me is about 20-25 miles away.

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We have one here in Jacksonvilee Jerry but I don't know anyone with a card. I wonder how much it would cost. I think it's a re-sale card Ron said the other day.
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The cards are free just have to know someone from a non-profit agency, or a resturaunteer with a resale license. I went to pick some stuff up for a friend who owns a pub...when I walked in, identified myself and said "The boss wants to know if you can cut him an extra card in case he's out of town when a sale is on"

Bingo! extra card, and that was that...they really don't care, money is money.
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Sam's seems to always have great deals on loins, and chuckies for that matter. Everthything else in the meat department, at least in my area, seems to be way over priced.
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cool, thanks for the heads up!

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