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Oak eggs

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These are almost too pretty to eat. biggrin.gif I put a dozen extra large eggs on the brinkmann today while I was smoking some cured pork chops. I used mostly oak with a little bit of lump. These are so good! Temp was about 230-250 and they were smoked about 3 hrs.

Peeled and cut in half after cooling.

They turned out to be the best batch yet and I've done at least 6 dozen so far. You could really taste the smoke this time verses any of the other times, not sure if it's the wood or the method. I will do a repeat smoke in a couple of days to see if I get the same results. These eggs disappear fast here.
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They are pretty, how do they taste? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I stated in the post "They turned out to be the best batch yet and I've done at least 6 dozen so far. You could really taste the smoke this time verses any of the other times" It's at the very end of the post.
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Dawn, those are some of the prettiest Pterodactyl Eggs I've seen! Congratulations to you and makes me have to try them over oak...never used that wood for them.

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Those look fantastic.I need to try this your way.
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Nice Dawn,
I don't know why I keep putting this off... Im sure they are so dang easy, I just forget to throw one or two of them on.
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Those huevos look outstanding. Awesome color!
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Do yourself a favor and put dozens on, they are really good. and the family won't let you get away with 2!!!!!
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Those eggs are magnificent! I have done them several times but have been taking them off too sone. Will try them for 3.5 hrs.

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Dumb question but I never thought about eggs before and that sounds they get put on raw? I don't want to clean up egg from the smoker :) -


NM the question...found my answer :)
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Dawn those look awesome so nice and brown. You said you could taste the smoke more this time maybe because the type of wood. Oak is a strong flavored wood. so I think I have a smoke planned for tonight if so I'm going to try them and I'll let you know how they come out.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You got me hooked too Dawn...just took a dozen out of the Gosm, and they look magnificent....mahogany brown. I can hardly wait to cool them down and try one. It did scare the s&%t out of me though, when one exploded about an hour into the smoke LOL.
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Try softboiling them first.

I put them in a cold pan of water, enough to cover the eggs. Turn on heat to high, and once it starts a rolling boil, take them out and put them in the smoker. They'll never explode that way.
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No neeed to boil them first, just keep them off the hot spots. Works every time.
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