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looking for a good turkey rub for this weekend. can anyone help?
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I don't know if this will help you. There's a whole page here that deals with rubs
Here's a link this is a start I personally use a couple of differant rubs one is Old Bay rub (not the seafood seasoning) or one called Butt Rub or there's a rub called snake bite rub I think it's a sticky on the sauces page it's really good or just wait for a few minutes and someone here will give you more recipes.
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Shooters snake bitten rub is great, I have never tried but have heard that people have had great success with injecting with a melted butter and cajun seasoning mixture.
Got a new flavor injector on the way so I think I need to try that one for myself.
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Personally I like to keep turkey very simple and let the smoke come thru. I often use just salt, pepper, and garlic powder
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