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Spinach Provalone Pork Loin And Some Country Ribs w/ Q-View

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Big Y had boneless pork loins Buy 1 Get 1 free so I had to capitolize. Also had a hankerin' for some country ribs. Smoked using cherry in the GOSM.

Sorry about the pics, I didnt have my digital camera on me and had to use my cell phone camera.
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Wow BigTrain that looks great.
Not just the ribs but that loin with spinach and provolone cheese...How good was it?
I love anything with spinach and now I want to give that a shot.
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I am a spinach fan myself, I really really liked the loin... Super juicy!
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Shweeeeeeet! My favorite thing in a loin is spinach. I use the provolone and add some black olives and feta. Everything looks really great. I don't know if you have tried it or not but any kind of sauce that is sweet, like a raspberry chipotle, is off the chart on that loin. Great job.
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really nice job on that stuffed pork loin Big train, points.gif
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Looks like a very tasty meal!!! Love the stuffing for the tenderloin. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Hey there big train you did a great job on those pork ribs. I like them and then you throw in some pork loin stuffed with 2 of my favorites cheeses and spinach the only thing you could have done is throw in some arhichokes and I would be schivering in my seat. Great job on everything.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great.Was thinking of a stuffed loin the other night....

That meal will keep the BigTrain chugging.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice, looks very appetizing...
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Looks great Train. Nice combo....Send some my way...points.gif
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BigTrain, you are my hero! Wow, never heard of stuffing a loin like that but anything with spinach is A-OK in my book. Real nice with the provolone too. Excellent looking CSR's as well, and love the plated pic! Points well earned, bud...

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