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3 different flavors CB in cure today - Page 2

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Those look amazing. I didn't realize the pork loin was so large, all we generally get around here are the cut down versions in the supermarket. I will have to bother my butcher to see about getting a bigger loin.
Good Job!
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Decided to smoke them all until 160. That way if I don't want to cook the sweet one I don't have to.

Top left is the splenda/brown sugar blend, the bottom left is SBC and the other one is my rub.

They were all done in 4 hours at 220 and after cooling were bagged and put in the fridge. I will be slicing and tasting them tomorrow.
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Really nice in even the difference in crust they each formed.
If nothing else tomorrow I will have sliced pics to look forward to.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.........I've been waiting for this day! They do look mighty good. I'll wait for the pics of sliced, and yours/families take on flavors/textures.

I should have started a couple CB's awhile may be getting too cold here for my outdoor Q-refer to stay running much longer.....hmmmmm, there's always my 2.5 cu ft mini fridge...I can make some room in the house to fire it back up again......

OK, next decent price I see on loins, they come HOME with me!!!!!! LOL!!!!! I gotta find more TQ and then I'll be set to go!

Way too many things I need (OK, want?) to smoke!

Keep us up to date...thanks, Dawn!

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Great job.Look forward to the mouth watering slices..
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Those look really good. Can't wait for the taste test resultsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I get my Tender Quick at Safeways
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Those look awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I can't wait for the results of the taste test and more Qview sliced
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Final Pic

All I can say is I'm a happy camper. biggrin.gif They all turned out to be very good. The flavors were throughout the CB, not just on the outside. The meat was very moist, not dried out at all. I will definitely do this again. The taste results will be later, but here's a shot of the sliced CB.

From left to right, the Splenda/Brown Sugar blend, SBC and my rub.
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Looks great. Lots of waiting, but seems well worth it!
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Wow. I think that I have been inspired to try making this. Maybe I'll make for Thanksgiving and bring to my parnets.

Can't wait to hear about the taste test!
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looks good dawn!!! you are right cant go wrong with the shooter ricks stuff!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Taste test results

Matthew didn't want to try any tonight. The meat was very moist on all 3 of them.

The one with the brown sugar blend was the obvious winner.

The one with my rub went over well. Tommy liked it a lot, Dan said it would make a good sandwich.

The SBC was too hot for both of them. Wimps. icon_rolleyes.gif More for me. icon_mrgreen.gif

I will definitely be doing them all again. The savory ones were for sammies for me anyhow.
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Nice Dawn.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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