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Got Pecan chunks

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I have some pecan that I have cut into chunks they are different sizes and shapes but should work just fine for most of ya. I have a box or two ready and more splits to cut if needed. Let me know if your interested. Several members have some on the way to them already and should hopefully have them by the weekend
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Pecan Chunks

I would be interested in some of the pecan chunks. It is not really available around here.
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Thanks a lot! Some members have told me about and they ship it to the store for free. I have been doing a lot of that.

Thanks for offering tho!
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Count me in Piney, I'll shoot you a PM and see if we can work something out, have been wanting to get my hands on some pecan for a while now.
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Pecan is all spoken for at this point I may have more later tho
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I loaded up on Pecan awhile back Piney, but when the Cherry is available again, keep me on the short-list. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I mailed out 3 boxes yesterday and 2 more today and am waiting on addresses for 2 more. Hope ya'll like Pecan.
Flash hopefully the cherry will be coming shortly biggrin.gif
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I got mine yesterday Jerry. Already used them last night on the ABTs, mmm, they smell great.

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Thanks Jerry Got ours,, gonna try it out on some ribs tomorrow and pork buts next week.
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I sent you a PM for when more pecan becomes available. Thanks for offering to share it!

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No problem its gonna be awhile before I can cut anymore but when I can I will post it again
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