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Freezing Question

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Question about freezing -

I bought 2 pork butts about 15 days ago at a bargain price and put them in the freezer.

Can I smoke the meat this weekend and put back in the freezer cooked & pulled and re-heat for a party in a week from Saturday??

Not sure if this is ok???

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Yes you can, just make sure to thaw them completely before smoking.
Freezing and reheating will be no problem.
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Yes planeguy it's fine to refreeze cooked meat-that has been frozen raw. happy smoking
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are you pulling before freezing?
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Yup, but ya better get em out a the freezer an inta the ice box ta start thawin real soon!
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Yes you can but like fire said make sure that it is completely thrawed. Just smoke it and pull it and then freeze it and then you can defrost it and you'll be fine. We doo it all the time we just freeze it in small packages for weekday dinners.
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Thanks for the input - I will post QVIEW when I am done.
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I too recently ran into a GREAT deal on Pork Butts @ .99 cents lb, I do not mind telling you .... I loaded the freezer with 6 of them.....bought 7 but one did not make it to the freezer....biggrin.gif

We enjoyed that one this past for freezing and then smoking....and then reheating....I have heard that pork is very friendly and cooperative in this process.

However, I cannot attest to this as while the pork may be friendly and cooperative in the freezibng after being cooked proccess, my family has been not and have developed the habit of skipping meals on the days that I smoke in order to eat more at dinner.....hence....not much in the way of of these days, I may wise up and smoke a couple of butts at once.
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