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Startin a CB

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Well, trimmed up a 9 pound loin an got er in the cure. In 9 days we smoke!
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9 days? why so long. Is it a day per lb or a day per 1/2 inch to the center?
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I've always done a day per pound. Bit different then others, but always turns out great!
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sounds tasty man. hope it goes well.
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Do you cure it whole or cut into 3 pieces?

I will have to give it a whirl at a day per lb. Thanks for the info Tip.
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This en be two 4 1/2 lb chunks in a wet cure.
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The one thing about canadian bacon is the longer it cures the better to me that is the better the bacon. i have cured as long as 2 weeks and it's great.
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