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Double smoked a ham/w apple sweet potato casserole

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Grabbed a ham and decided to smoke it with some little scabs of peach/apple

Comp Teams Wood chunk rack at bro in laws garden/storage/Art Studio house needs tightening up a bit.........

Peach and a little apple

Onto the smoker at 300-350-not to worried about temp-just reheating

Starting to get fresh apples from new york state

Slice em and saute in 1/2 a lemons juice, butter,brown sugar, cinnamon and grated nutmeg

Bake sweet potatoes at 350 or until skins soft

Start building casserole

Here it is after 25-30 minutes at 350 degree.Had to run over to garden so residual heat in oven browned the apple a bit,but spot on tasting...

I glaze my hams at end with the juice of 1/2 orange-said oranges grated rind and add some of my neighbors fresh honey

Served it with some fresh beans i ran over to garden to get...

The casserole is killer with fresh ingredients.Gonna make a 5 gallon bucket worth when we do up a pig on the sisters hog roaster soon....
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Nice meal Alex, that casserole sounds really good.
I liked the wood rack, much more organized than my piles of oak on one side, peach on the other and boxes of cherry and apple piled on top, then hickory in a few random bags on the porch.
Only tossed the peach on once but it was really smoldering a lot so I just took it off and haven't really even experimented with it yet but looking at that ham I'm thinking I should grab one and fire it up with a mix of apple/peach wood.

Have an orchard I go to for my wood so if there is anything you would like a box of I can always pick it up next time I run out there and bring it to you in DE.
The had apple but are out till next year, have peach, lots of oak, cherry and I believe maple but the maple was in a random bin so I didn't get any of that.
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Looks good
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Casserole looks great and the ham looks to die for...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Jim.I would take some Peach when you come to our comp-still have a bunch, but i love it..Whatever peach you can get and will pay for it as well.We just cut down a huge mapple and i have a cord of red oak and cherry....

Always interested in extra apple-keep you in mind for sure,but i am good for awhile.

Peach/apple is a dynamite combo for light smoking....As always gotta season well....
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I was getting excited to see a sweet looking ham, but then that apple and sweet potato casserole looks outstanding.

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Looks wonderful Alex! Love the looks of your casserole too! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking ham, Alex! I also like the peach/apple combo.
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Man that looks fabalous plate of food there alex. I have never tried to double smoke a ham but you sure made it look good. I also like thats cassorole it sounds yummo. Keep the good work.
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Nice looking spread there ALX, that casserole is a great way to welcome in the coming fall season.
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It all looks and sounds delicious. It's on my to do list now.
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I would have to say that looks great! I love smoking the hams. They taste wonderful! I would have to say to those out there that haven't done it - give it a try!
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Thanks.....Doing my 5 cents a pound chuckies today.
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Great looking food you made! Never double smoked a ham, but now you've made me want to try it. Haven't found any bone in hams around here like you got, I bet that tasted good!

Real nice sides too....great fall food PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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