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Pork Roast

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I getting very close to my target weight and I am going to be able to use my smoker for things other than veggies and eggs. My first smoke I think is going to be a bone-in pork roast from the hind quarter of a wild hog I harvested. I plan to slice the meat. This cut of meat tends to be a little tough and there is very little fat on the wild hogs down here because of the heat. Does anyone have any advice for a very novice smoker to make sure this roast comes out tender and juicy???
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Low and slow! Temps from 225-240. After the meat hits about 150-160 foil it and add about 1/2 cup apple or orange juice and let it cook till done about 190-200F. A foil disposable pan will help a lot here.

Good luck and congratulations on your weight program!
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What he said ^^^^^ if you want to slice it I would take it off at about 170 and 200 if you want to pull it.
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Thanks guys!! I really can't wait to really get into the heart of smoking meats. It's about killing me.
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I got close to mine once I think, Not sure it has been so many years ago...

Besides have you ever seen a skinny Chef? Especially one that owns a Smoker. Look at those BBQ events on the Food Network, ain't gonna happen, No Sir...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Well, if it weren't an issue of health because I had high blood pressure (now normalized and off my medicine because of the weight loss) and an issue of employment because I am expected to maintain a certain degree of physical fitness in order to advance with promotion, I wouldn't worry too much about it, but I really want to maximize my retirement income and be there for my daughter as she grows up. Besides, I feel soooooooo much better 50 lbs lighter(soon to be 60 lbs. when I reach my target weight), it's hard to argue with that.
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What John said works for me too.
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Yep - just what they said. For cuts of meat that are LOW in marbled fat content, they start to dry out just a tad bit over 165°. This is why most of us (at 160 or 165) will double-wrap them in foil that has a tad bit of liquid inside. Helps these big cuts continue to cook without more moisture escaping.

Also right on is the other post: take it to 170 - 180 if you want to slice it, and up to 195 - 205 if you want to pull it.

MOST IMPORTANT though is to start early in the day, because after you hit your targe temp, you want to let that foil-wrapped hunk-o-goodness rest for at least an hour before you take it out and slice it!!

Therefore, if I were you I'd pull at 170 and do the "cooler method" for at least an hour, then remove and slice.
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