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Pulled Pork Re-Heat

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I know....I know....there are 1000+ post on re-heating pulled pork

I am smoking two butts and putting them in the freezer this weekend for a party on the 12th.

Is it possible to re-heat the meat in a aluminum roaster tray in the oven at about 275~ before I put it out?? I can put the freezer bags in boiling water but I have to much going on the stove.

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yes, just retain the juice from when you foil (if you do) and add when you reheat otherwise just use some chicken broth.
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we've done this plenty of times and it works just fine,maybe add some apple juice to have some extra moisture cover real good with foil and it'll be fine.
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That works great , I just mix up a batch of finishing sauce to use when reheating. Never any problems or complaints!
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Well they pretty much said it all PlaneGuy, can't argue with that PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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If doing a bunch I usually use an aluminum roasting pan and add either apple juice or finishing sauce then cover with foil and into either the oven or the smoker at 250 and it works well that way
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I did just that this weekend. I smoked the butts on Saturday and then refrigerated over night. The next morning I pulled the 1/2 pan out of the fridge and added about a cup of apple juice and some of my rub, tossed it around and then covered tightly with foil and put in the over at 275. It only took about 90 minutes (i had a good buzz going so it may have been a bit longer) to come up to heat. At the end I added SFLQuers finishing sauce and it came out spectacularly.
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I think the important part is to remember you are re-heating and not cooking. I've not tried the chicken broth but I know that adding a little good quality beef broth works great. Crock pot... low temp in the oven... micro a vacuum bag..... just remember to warm it and not cook it and you'll be fine.
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It sounds like you have abunch to re-heat in that case I would use the crockpot and use the low and slow with some either pans drippings (if you saved them) or beef both or your finishing sauce and let it go for a couple of hours. If your doing a small batch (we just learned this one) just get a pasta pot with a steamer insert and steam it hot it works great and will add alittle moisture to the meat.
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