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Chuckie Pot Roast. qview.

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Smoked a couple chucks this weekend. Did one as a traditional pot roast with veggies. Did other to stock the freezer with pulled beef.

The one closest is for pulled beef, used a pretty standard rub. The one in the back is for the pot roast, seasoned with black pepper, kosher salt, thyme, granulated garlic, onion powder, and white pepper

On the UDS, pot roast in front

Here is a pic after a few hours. Threw some abt's in

Made a bed of veggies for the pot roast, baby red potatoes, celery, baby carrots and onions. Seasoned with the same seasonings as the roast. Poured about half a cup of beef stock and about a cup of red wine. I used Riunte Lambrusco-it is pretty sweet but it is what I had around. Good stuff. Placed the roast on the veggies and covered with foil then back on the smoker

Here is the one for pulled beef ready to foil. Poured in some Sam Adams Hefeweizen

Pot Roast with veggies on the bottom rack. Pulled beef and abts on the top

Abts are done

The pot roast is done. The veggies, especially the potatoes absorbed a lot of the wine flavor. The roast was tender but not quite "melt in your mouth" tender. I took it to 203 internal and let it rest a while.

I didn't snap a pick of the other roast. I just pulled it after resting and bagged it for the freezer. All in all it came out good and I would do it this way again.
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I love the chuckies. I keep a couple of bags of pulled beef in the freezer with the pulled pork. One thing I added to the veggies last time is cabbage. It put it over the top.
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Thanks, I will have to try it with cabbage next time. I like the sound of that.
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That pot roast looks great!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Did it pull/fall apart for ya???
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Thanks. It was fork tender but not quite fall apart tender. Next time I might add a little more liquid. The veggies absorbed quite a bit so maybe the roast didn't quite braise like I was hoping. But still very good.
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I learned from the Ron Man to catch those juices in a pan under the beef while it's cooking and pour it back in when braising. I also use a good quality beef stock in mine. I even pour some beef stock in the pulled beef when I pull it before I eat or freeze it. For me... it takes it up a notch. I would stress a good quality beef stock. The cheaper stocks tend to be all salt. I've also used it in my pulled pork. I know this may be taking it to extreme but when I have some really good juice left over from the beef or the pork, I cool it down... remove all the fat... and put it in ice trays to freeze. Once it's frozen you can pop them out and throw em in a freezer bag to use whenever.... something turnin out a tad dry... throw in a couple cubes.
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Nice WuTang!

points.giffor getting the freezer loaded up.
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You be Jammin there Wutang points.giffor sure on that pot roast kinda. Man that looks awesome and tastey too. Definetly a great idea that will have to be repeated in my smoker soon.
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Thanks mballi and Dude. I appreciate it.

PignIt-that is some good info and is definately something I will have to try next time.
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Great looking meal, from the ABTs all the way to the pot roast.
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Great job! Nice looking meal you got there!
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Beauty.Looks delicous.points.gif
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Looks Great, especially the ABTs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Beautiful roasts you made, Wu...very nice. Loved the ABT's too, that picture was magazine-perfect, by the way. Seriously.

Never done chuckies like you have, but now I have to try them. You always set the cooking bar up high and a real pleasure to try to meet it.

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