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Monday morning smoke

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I used a 7.75 lbs. pork picnic shoulder blade roast this time, never ran across this name of cut before. I didn’t use my three chile rub this time, as I wanted to impart a chorizo type flavor to the pork. I’ve used this simple rub on pork and even ground beef, and I end up with the chorizo flavor.

I coated the roast with EVOO, and then I put on the rub, letting the roast sit overnight in the fridge.

2 parts Hickory smoked sea salt
1 part mild Chimayo powder
1 part Ancho powder
1 part garlic powder

The GOSM is parked at 225°, and the coffee can has RO lump and mesquite. I'm not inserting the meat probe until 7 hours into the smoke. I plan to let it smoke w/out foil till internal temp hits 210°. Then I'll just let it rest in a covered foil pan in the oven for 3-4 hours w/out any heat. I want to see if I can get maximum bark w/out brown sugar, and without the meat drying out. This will be challenge. First pic is 12 hours of sitting in the fridge, second pic is when it went into the smoker at 06:30 hrs. I'll post more pics as they become available.
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Looking nice. Thanks for the recipe. That rub sounds good...
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Looks great Rich!!!

Keep up posted!
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7th hour update

7 hours and I inserted the meat probe. It's reading 151°, so I have awhile to go yet. I noticed smoker temp had dropped a little, and as I suspected, water pan was half empty, so I filled it again.
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Looking forward to seeing the final qview, Rich. Sounds good!
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Rich, that is some fantastic looking meat! Great rub too, love the taste of chorizo. Really looking forward to the rest of the pics. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great Rich, Thanks for the recipe also...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man is that looking sooooo very gooood there rich i'm sitting her with a new plastic wrap over the keyboard. slobbber slobbberr. keep it up
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Nice job so far.I make a very similiar rub with my ancho and chimayo powder.Really lets the peppers do the talking.

I need to get more of that hickory smoked sea salt.A very accomplished comp bbq cook uses same thing in his rubs...
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Well folks, I'm twelve hours into the smoke, and the internal temp is 170°. and I filled the half empty water pan again. I may stop smoking it at 200°. Here's the 12 hr. pic.
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sounds like a stubborn one. looks good though
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hang in there. it'll all be worth it in the end.
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Have bark will chew

Well, at 15 hrs. it finally hit 200°, so I put it into a small aluminum pan and just covered it with a larger pan. The bark is outstanding, and loaded with flavor. I'll pull it later, and I'll have a new thread in the morning. Thanks for the support my friends.
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15 Hours!!! Wow Rich, is did you set a record or what? I'm looking forward to your thread in the morning. Great Q-views.
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Well folks, what you saw was all there was of it. It was still moist, killer bark, and good smoke ring. Once I loosely pulled it, I put it away for the night inside the house. Gloria got up before me, thought it was a pan of leftovers, and took it for lunchtime burritos at work. So much for my 15 hour smoke. Next time, it will go into my fridge which is outside. Gloria knows that's my stuff... I hope. Oh well, I'll move on.
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