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My new to me charcoal smoker

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I found an old fridge last fall and have been messing with it off and on for awhile now, I had a guy at the fab shop where I work make me a sleeve and bracket to mount a sfb to the fridge.

I have gutted the fridge and put a few shelves in it and had a fire in the sfb last sunday and maintained 280° for a while, I still want to add more shelves and a permanent thermometer, I am using one of my probes now.

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Looking good Kurt, nice list of smokers you have going on and then to add that to the collection, great job!
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very nice,,,Is the inside lined with steel? if so,what gauge?
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Now talk about thinking outside the box well I guess you really are in the box on this one. Definetly a nice smoker does it work as good as it looks.
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Really nice looking rig. I can see myself stumbling thru the dark looking for a cold one and opening the smoker door looking for a brew. biggrin.gif

Does the one side get a bit hotter than the other I notice that the top vent opening is right beside the firebox opening all on the same side of the smoker.

Nice looking build.
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It's a very old fridge that is all steel on the inside

I have not tried to cook on it yet, been to busy.

I am probably going to change the height of the exhaust
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