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Frogmore Stew w/ my homemade sausage

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We were chatting on here last night and talking about seafood. Made me hungry. Decided to try some frogmore stew...gulf shrimp, my homemade sausage from last weekend, fresh sweet corn, baby red potatoes (daughters wanted the little taters). Oh, don't forget the Old Bay. It came out pretty good.

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Cajun, that sure looks good...points.gif
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Man that looks good. Reminds my of the mud bug boils. LOL
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Forgot to ask, how long did you smoke it and at what temp???
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Thanks...smoked it at 165 until 152 internal...
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That is a great combo! Nice!!!!

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Hi Cajun, never heard of Frogmore stew in my life, but your recipe and pics look OUTSTANDING! That sounds like something I gotta make~ thanks for sharing your recipe and pics!

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Thanks. 6 quarts of water, 3/4 cup of old bay, bring to boil. Add sausage and potatoes, boil 5 minutes, add corn, boil 5 minutes, add shrimp...done when shrimp turn pink and are done..

Little history

There are two kinds of social gatherings in South Carolina that revolve around shellfish. One is very much like a Louisiana boil, usually involving shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, and red potatoes and is considered part of Lowcountry cuisine. Known variously as Frogmore Stew, Beaufort Stew, a Beaufort boil, a Lowcountry boil, or a tidewater boil, they tend be a bit milder than their Louisiana Cajun and Creole cousins. The name Frogmore Stew comes from the name of a fishing community on St. Helena island near Beaufort, South Carolina.
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Excellent food-history lesson and points to you for that! points.gif

I really appreciate the details and your time in sharing them. In the 7 years I lived in North Carolina I never once went to South Carolina....it was like a whole different country and just...well...separate. Same thing growing up in Virginia- North Carolina was just pretty much "right there" as was the Eastern Shore, but South Carolina and beyond....wow, that was FAR AWAY country. Might as well have been Missouri biggrin.gif...

Thanks for the details and the great pics of a great recipe. My wife and I are going to love it!
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Now that looks like a great meal, and using your own homemade sausage puts it over the top!
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Thanks for the recipe Cajun...
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Thanks to all. Might have to go longer if you use the bigger red taters...My homemade sausage made it taste extra good, haha. Here is the link I used...Like I said, would add more spice, but I am used to crawfish boils...

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Yes sir rea thats some mighty fine frog what stew. Looks great but I don't see those clams and mussel I was talking about for the boil. Just kidding everything looks awesome there cajun just wish you had some crawfish in there thou. Hey was all that done with crab boil seasonings.
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Only Old Bay......
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Old Bay is the ultimate Seafood spice(not that you cant use it for other things). Looks great Cajun
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never heard a frogmoore either... wasnt quite sure what kinda stew we were gonna be in for!!! lol... seafood, veggies, and the sausage all look great!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job there Steve! Looks like something I will have to try soon.
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Yeah i was with the other guys on looking for the frog legs.

Looks great and i love baby red or regular red potatoes myself..

Thanks for that research.I love the OLD bay and like to replicate commercial rubs-pretty much nailed old bay,but i still buy it for large crab feasts.

points.giffor the links-research
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Steve, that looks really tasty! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That has my full attention. Great job as usual PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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