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more sausage

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Bought a two-pack of butts at Sam's, boned them out and made ½ into breakfast patties and the other half into spicy sweet Italian sausages (mixed 1/3 hot seasoning with 2/3 sweet seasoning - wife likes the sweet but with a bit of afterbite, lol!). A few pics:

One of the butts:

After boning it out:

Ground it twice, put into the stuffer, stuffed then linked:

Had some of the breakfast patties for breakfast, going to have spaghetti tomorrow night!
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Lookin great! I am drooling over your stuffer. LOL
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One of the best things I ever bought, got it on a sale at Northern Tool for $149 plus tax and shipping, came to about $182 total.
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Awesome.Think your set-up is the way for me to go when i purchase a stuffer.
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Wow, Pops, those are some beautiful sausages! Plus, nithing beats a good home-made spaghetti with real "Eye-Talian" sausage in it. You are good to go! I'm still lobbying for a Cabela's grinder and a quality stuffer like yours PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Though it doesn't look like Santa's gonna bring me them this year either icon_sad.gif

Keep up the pics and I can continue dreamin'.......

Hey, like to see some of that spaghetti too, if you remember to take pics.
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Nice looking sausage pops.
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wow pops looks great i want to make some kiebasa and went a bought a 7 butt last min i decided for cbp buckboard bacon.
started cure yesterday.
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Great looking sausage Pops.....points.gif
Are you giving out the recipes for the sausage, sweet/hot Italian and breakfast???
What type of casings are you using and where do you get them from???
Are you mixing the meat and ingredients by hand or in that mixer I see over on the counter???? lol icon_mrgreen.gif
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Breakfast is a family recipe from my Dad's store



8 oz. Salt

2 oz. Black Pepper

1 oz. Ground Sage

Mix together, then measure out ½ oz. per lb. of meat, 4 oz. for 8 lbs. of cut up pork

Mix with meat and grind through the coarse plate twice

Then patty up onto a cookie sheet with wax paper in between and freeze

Don't forget to fry up some to "TEST", lol!

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Thanks Pops, I'll be trying this real quick. Oh nuts, Sams ain't open at 4:30 in the morning.....lol icon_mrgreen.gif
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The Sweet and Hot I buy from Butcher Packer already mixed and done better than I could myself anyways, plus it saves us having to purchase additional bulk amounts of seasonings to have on hand and measure out to accomplish the same thing:


I also buy sage for my breakfast sausage from them; you can get a 16 oz. bag for only $4.00, compared to a 1 oz. shaker at Walmart for $3.89!

Hot Sausage Blend

Sweet Sausage Blend

The purpose of sausage making is to make sausage, not make seasonings, so that's why I buy them premixed - to save time and to have consistently great results.

As far as casings go, I buy all my casings from Syracuse Casing:

However, my wife gave me some as a Christmas present last year (we weren't supposed to have bought each other anything because of my stroke and her cancer and the $ situation, but she is sweet!) along with a bottle of Bailey's (makes coping with the above MUCH better, lol!):

Christmas '08

and I used them for the first time on the hot and sweet. These weren't domestic casings like Syracuse Casings are, they were Chinese and were short lengths and hairy but did the job, 4 lengths approx. 2ft each stuffed 8 lb. of product. She got them at Central Market on North Hulen St. in Fort Worth.

Yes, I mixed by hand. The mixer I reserve for baking, however it was the KitchenAid grinder attachment I used at first to make my initial sausages!

In The Beginning

(Can you tell by the belly I love to eat what I make?! lol!)
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Thanks again for all the info. Pops....
I love Baileys in my coffee!!!!!
And looking at the belly, I thought you got a picture of me standin at the counter....lmao icon_mrgreen.gif
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That looks fantastic!
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Well, we had a change in menu; found some tortellini at Sam's and decided to have that with a marinara sauce and the sausage. Unthawed 2 links and cooked up, then sliced, fried a little more and into the sauce, served over the tortellini with parmesan and a tossed salad, and of course, Texas' best, Shiner Bock!

The Sausages

Sliced up

Served Over Tortellini

The Meal, Before...

The Meal, Afterwards...!

<BURP> Thanks for watching!
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That is fabulous Pops.Great meal you had there...

My compost piles are black gold for my veggies and always find a suprise on top..icon_mrgreen.gif

I love that BEER....................PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Must be the german in me-nah-killer beer-the best IMHO
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Pops Butcher packer is awesome! Have you tried some of thier hi-temp cheese for making cheesy brats?PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Or how about the hickory salt? That suff is like crack!!!I'm suprised it's not illeagle! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Great job! SOB
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Sausages look great Pops...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great post and great Qview. Thanks,
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Yes, just got another package of it, will whip up some summer or polish sausage with it soon!
I like the hickory salt on potatoes; mashed, sliced or boiled! It's good in pepper gravy too!
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All you guys are killing me. I don;t have the machines to make sausage and I now really want to make sausage. Either I'm going to have to break down and buy all the stuff or quick coming here and looking at all this good, wonderful, fantastic, yummy, really good looking. Ok I'm on my way to the Gander store. Then I to can show Q like this. Oh yea great job pops yet another fine job of sausage making.
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