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Smok'in Spares & mowing the lawn

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It's Sunday & I have 2 racks of spare ribs & a lawn that needs mowing. I'm going to try something a little different today. First I'm only going to trim off the skirts & tips. I usually trim them down St. Louis style. Also I'm going to do a modified 3-2-1. 4 hrs. in smoke, 1 1/2 hrs. in foil, then 1/2 hr. on the grill with sauce. I have never sauced the ribs before. I always did them dry with Jeff's rub & served warm sauce at the table. However the last guests we had said the best ribs they ever had were bbq'd with sauce, so I thought I'd give it a try. Here are the ribs ready for the rub.

The rub I used is Jeff's. I covered them with yellow mustard, then Jeff's rub, and also a dusting of CBP.

Here they are ready to go in the smoker.

They have been the smoke for about 2 1/2 hrs., so we took the skirts & tips out & had a couple of beers & bbq sandwiches. Tender & full of flavor. I will post more Q-view later, but now it's back to the lawn.
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Looks great, from what I hear Jeff's rub is wonderful, and adding a dusting of cbp, nicely done.
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Looking real nice. I'm doung some too and I love using the ends as an appetizer.
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They are ready to foil. Here's what they look like.

We thought we had apple juice to spritz them, but found we didn't. Next best thing beer! We always have plenty of that. Will send more q-view when I take them out of the foil. Man I love the smell of smoke!
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Looks good. If you dont have apple juice you can use any juice. Beer will work good too. I have even used fruit punch.
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Looking good and sometimes for a change of pace I brush with sauce the last 1/2 hour after it comes out of foil and find it works good.
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Looking good and tasty SmokinAl Can't wait to see the end results
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I've use all kinds of juices to make a spritz and the ribs have always turned out great.

I sauce mine in the last hour after taking them from the foil.
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you gotta start thinking strategically....neighbor has a lawmmower...and possibly a teenager....right?

All neighbors love BBQ...even some of the marginal stuff I have made....

Soooo....drop a hint....lawn gets mowed...neighbor gets fed.....that Pavlov guy had it going on...pretty soon, they'll smell smoke, and automatically fire up the mower.

I love process improvement.. LOL!
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did you get the lawn done?
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Ok I'm back, ribs are out of the foil & on the grill. q-view below.

Then we sauced them.

And now they are on the grill. 3 burner L-O-L. Temp around 260.

I'll be back with final results & q-view.

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Very nice looking.
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Hey Line The lawns done & now I'm having a little wild turkey waiting for the ribs to get done. Life is good!
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OK Guys here's the final result.

Cut & ready to eat.

These ribs were the best we ever had. I doubt if we will trim them down again. We did take the membrane off, but next time we may try it totally intact.

Thanks for everybodys help. I think we finally have the rib smoke down.
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif They look delicious.
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