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UDS #8 Design

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Ok, so I sat around pondering #8's build. I'm wanting the best of both worlds as far as a UDS and an offset smoker, so here's the design that I'm working on right now, your input is welcome. Bear in mind, this is a rough draft sketch, things are still forming tho I do have an idea of parts that I want to use.

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Interesting idea, keep us posted as it progresses....and don't forget the pics!
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Very interesting. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I'd be curious to see what kind of burn times and temp stablilty you can get from that.

Keep us posted.

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This is just a thought on the design. Now, don't think for a minute that I know what I'm talking about, this is just a thought. I have never built any kind of smoker before, so I have no experience to base my conclusions on.

My thinking is that the 2" pipe will be way too small to get enough heat transfered. Also, would it not be better to have the pipe a little higher on the firebox? (since heat rises) Just seems that it might be too low to me.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Keep us posted.
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It's ok, I appreciate the feedback. Like I said, this is just the rough draft/design stage so anything's possible. I think you're probably right with regards to having the transfer pipe higher up on the firebox though, good looking out there. Thinking the largest pipe I'll want to use is a 6" diameter pipe for heat transfer.
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Glad to be of assistance. So, what do you do with all those smokers, anyway? Are you selling them?

Oh, yeah, I just noticed that you are in Lincoln. You're just down the road from me, kinda. Howdy neighbor!
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Boy howdy, we are neighbors, ya missed a hellava smoke today, come on out one weekend, open invite, just pm me and let me know you're coming out and i'll fix it up just right for ya.
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Interesting design. I like the concept. I looked at the sketch before reading and immediately thought of a cold smoker. My concern would be that not enough heat would make it to the drum and disperse evenly when it got there. Even if you were able to get correct temps, I would suspect you will burn through fuel at a high rate to keep the temps up in the neighboring drum.

These are just my thoughts, I could be wrong. Of course your going to show us, so I can't wait to see the results!
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