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Baby Backs with Sugarless Rub

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I am going through Wiviott's 5 Easy Dinners course. Today I did lesson three.

My wife fetched the cryopak of baby backs. This was to make up for the last time when she came home with spares. ;) When I opened them I was surprised by the size of them. There was far more meat on these than I am used to with back ribs.

I rinsed them, washed them in vinegar, slathered in mustard, and rubbed them. Wiviott called for a sugarless rub. I mixed up a batch with what I had on hand. I have plenty left.

Racks went onto the WSM. I used black cherry and hickory today. Two and a half hours later I rotated them and spritzed. A little more than three hours in, I pulled one of the racks. The other two cooked three hours 40 minutes total.

I sliced the ribs. The smoke ring was not quite as prominent as I usually see. The bark was not as pronounced either, but I was prepared for that. I very much enjoyed the rub I created. There was enough bite for my tastes, but it was not so overpowering that my wife complained.

The ribs themselves were cooked just fine. There was the right amount of tug, and the bone was clean after each rib.

Even so, the amount of meat on these made it seem less like eating baby backs. One rack in particular resembled a loin. I suppose one should not complain about the abundance of meat, but it threw us off our game. Seriously.

We had some fresh sweet Jersey corn grown about a quarter mile from here and some beans I did in the WSM as well. Life is good.

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You were right about the amount of meat on them, wow they are some meaty ribs!
Looks like they were really juicy, nice job!
Just finished off the last bit of Jersey corn from the garden, looks like I'll be stopping by a road side stand to get some more since now that you mentioned it I'm wanting a few ears, and some ribs sure would be good right about now.

Great job points.gif
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Nice looking (and meaty) slabs...what is it about that pink ring that makes a man's mouth water.....hear my temp alarm going off so I had better go check the pork butt.....
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ribs look darn good,

gary knows what he is talking about, and Im not saying that simply because he is a friend.
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Ribs look delicious...
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Everything looks delicious.
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Those ribs look amazing, hell of a job!!!
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Man those ribs look awesome there RD. You really have the TBS going in your favor. Then you throw in some corn and beans.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThose ribs look like mighty fine to me. The smoke ring looks good as well. I'm sure you'll do just as well with your final 2 Dinners: spare ribs and pulled pork. Keep us posted with the Q-views.
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