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Tour of My Pepper Patch- Picture Heavy

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Nice looking patch you go going there. I've been reading on growing, smoking/drying and grinding peppers, but not sure how well they would do here in MI.
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incredible Alex, thats all I can say
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Awesome looking peppers Alex. Such a great variety and growing beautifully.
Noticed you mentioned sand on the bottom of a few of your peppers, that come from the storms that blew through yesterday? Guess I need to go check on my plants and make sure they are doing alright.

Beautiful Qview and as always, beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.
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Great work!!! Looks like this is your biggest passion. Nice work!
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just an incredible pepper garden you have there. incredible.

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Thanks, I might just take you up on that soon. I love me some good hot sauces too, do you make any of those?
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Wow, those peppers are awesome ALX... Can you dig and pot any pepper like you did the Habanero?
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Congrats on an excellent chile garden. You are one of the very few persons I know that grows Alcalde and Chimayo. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
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I am speechless with the number of pictures and beauty of your garden in all its glory. I knew you had a big one, and very nice from what you'd shared but this post is unforgettable.

Congratulations of some textbook gardening that should be standard tutorial for anybody starting more than just a few plants. Those gardening pamphlet-books you see at the Lowe's checkout counters should send a team to your place, and I mean it.

You sure have put together a great plan and impressive execution, ALX. You sure you weren't a paratrooper at some time? icon_mrgreen.gif

Points to you, definitely earned!

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Thanks ALX, I just sent you a PM...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You are a regular Mr. Greenjeans. Those are some great looking pepers. Also thats quite a pepper farm you have there.
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Wow awesome thread. Those are some nice looking peppers. I have a small heritage fruit orchard in my back yard. Some of the older varieties have the best flavour but were not commercially viable so have dissapeared from the grocery stores. New does not always mean best. Good to see you growing some of the heritage species.

Points for a fantastic pictorial of your garden. points.gif
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