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bad news!

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well, it had to happen sometime, but i wish it wouldn't have happened in the middle of a smoke!

the wire on my accurite thermometer came off right where it connects into the probe. i've got an oven thermomenter in there now, but i hate opening the lid to check it all the time, plus, i KNOW my accurite was accurate!

not a heppy camper but that's the way it goes sometimes - i've always been careful not to kink it in the door and not have it in temps over 350 degrees. i do intend to email the company and ask if their products are only meant to last about two months!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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email sent to - hope they stand by it!
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Sorry to hear the Accurite has bought the farm. Did you have the probe in a block of wood or a potato? Not sure if you were handling it by the wire or not, as it won't take much weight on the end before the wire comes out. When the new one arrives, a little dab of Hi Temp RTV where the wire meets the probe should take care of future problems.
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>>>When the new one arrives, a little dab of Hi Temp RTV where the wire meets the probe should take care of future problems. <<<

will do, mikey - thanks for the advice.

i have been running it through a potate and then setting it in the smoking chamber running "east west" with the angled part of the probe pointing toward the front in order to minimize any stress or bending of the wire. guess it wasn't enough!

too bad, because it was very accurate - hopefully acu-rite will send a new one just as good.
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That is a bummer right in the middle of a smoke...
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I know how you feel, man...I have 3 Accurite heads and 2 usable probes. One probe developed a short circuit on the probe end of the wires (reads HI on temp). Maybe some day soon I'll get the ambition to cut into the stainless probe tube, splice the wires and re-insulate the assembly.

Good luck on your factory service.

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Sorry to hear the bad news at a bad time. I have 3 therms, one is usually a backup. Good luck my friend.
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I just checked your link for must have the wrong company, as those are industrial related.

I checked this one out, it should be what you're looking for (it lists our probes):

Take care!

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I know the feeling. I did the same just last week with my only acu-rite. I was cooking 2 23lb fresh hams on a rotisserie cooker that had no surface mounted therm. I screwed up the prob and after that it was pretty much a guessing game as to what temp I was cooking at. Luckily they came out fine despite the guessing game.
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eric - thanks for letting me know! that short-circuit/reading hi thing happened to me as well it was in the middle of the wire so i was able to repair easily. this thing where it connects with the probe, not so easy.
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No problem!

My little wiring issue started about 6 months a kink right next to the probe tube...I got by for a couple months by just gently twisting bending the cable assembly until it would read normal. It just never seemed to hold up for more than 1/2 a day at a time. Then, it got to where I couldn't get anything out of it anymore so I ran down and grabbed another one. If I could find a replacement probe for 8 or 10 bucks I'd go that route instead of repairing this one.

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