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First Pork Ribs and more

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Just threw on a rack of pork ribs that had been in the rig over night covered with apple butter. This will be my first attempt with ribs and also using my new Perfect Flame vertical smoker. My old smoker was an ECB.

Plan on smoking with apple wood for 6 hours @ 225 and pull off at 170.

Since I have lots of room in the smoker I thought I would add in:
TN Pride Hot County Sausage
TN Pride Mild County Sauage
Old Folks Chorizo County Sauage
and a 3# Boneless Half Loin.

My question is about how long will it for the sauage and Loin to cook at 225? I was planing on cooking the ribs for 2 hours then add the other items and cook for another 4 hours. I am starting to second guess myself and thought I would ask for your advice.

I will post some pictures later after I read the tutorial on how to post pictures.

Thanks in advance
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sounds good i want to see pics
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Here is my new smoker and what was added after the ribs.
I got lucky and the Maverick ET73 that I ordered came in the mail today so I am using it now to monitor the smoker while I type this.
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Wayne I see your new here so you should please post pictures(Qview). It's kind of a requirement around here Not Really but we really do like to see what your smoking with and what your smoking. It's like this: "We are the kids and you have the candy"
here's a link to the tutorial on posting pictures. Thanks see you in photos soon
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