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Ribbed for her pleasure

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Wife was asking for ribs this week, my local meat market had them on sale for $1.99 slab. Trimmed up a slab, rubbed it with some Kroger brand pork rub, and have them (and the trimmings) chilling in the fridge for a few. Going to attempt take #2 on the 3-2-1 method, the first attempt having come out quite well too. (Pic #3)
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mmm looks good to me!!!
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Looks like they came out great., don't suppose you've got any leftovers icon_smile.gif
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Thanks, but sorry for the confusion, that 3rd pic was from a prior smoke.
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Just pulled em from the smoker after 3 hours. Going in the foil with some juice for two more. I took the trimmings and smoked that bit up, cut it up in some sauce, and stuck them back in for a hour or so until snack time. icon_cool.gif
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Nice Job so far....I hear you on looking for sales...Been looking for a nice brisket,but aint payin 3 bucks a pound....
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The tips just got done, I fought off the wife long enough to take a pic of them.

post #8 of 17 that I see the fresh pics I applaud you. How did the tips come out, they look tasty.
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Sam's Club or Walmart is the only place I can get them around here. 1.89 lb for a packer.. Hope this helps .. HemiPDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Thanks Hemi.I check those places,but i like the 12-14 pounders and its rare for them to have what i want...I actualy have access to restaurant depot(business license or non-profit license) but the dang quality as much as price thingy-my sis saves all the good stuff for our we cook at least2 a month...

Grue that looks awesome and glad the wife enjoys.Dont get better then that...
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Looks Delicious from here...
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Thanks for the compliments. The tips came out great! Nice and tender, the wife was reaching around me to grab my meat as I tried to photo them. icon_cool.gif

Ribs just came out of the foil, sauced 'em with some Sweet Baby Ray's and put them back in for 45 more minutes. Also got some cut up potatoes in olive oil, sea salt and pepper in some foil in there to go with em. Then it's dinner time while the MES takes a break, then I fire it up again to do 25 lbs of pork butt for our pinball tourney tomorrow.

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And they're done. Nice and tender, probably my best ribs ever. 3-2-1 rocks! I wish I could send a Bell's Two Hearted Ale to all you pro's on here for all the tips and advice but will have to settle for drinking one for ya's!
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Awesome....I guess i will settle(drink wise) for another rum...

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Very nice!! Oakland Co,MI....My home. Davisburg 2 B exact.

Life is good!!
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Thats is for sure some good eats. Great job
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Even in a self induced food coma (pulled pork finally got done), them are some mighty fine looking ribs!
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