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canadian bacon review with qview

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all right so i never made canadian bacon before... been talking about it for a long time but never went thru with it. well late week befor last i decided to take the plunge being i had a loin and all. but the question was how??? so i did some back research and settled on 3 recipies, tips slaughterhouse brine, shooter ricks, and wutangs candian bacon recipies. got all 3 going and thurs nite did a fry test and did some soaking as i felt needed to meet my taste as far as salt was concerned.
trimmed the fat from a loin and split in thirds, an electric fillet knife does the trick real well!!!

got the stuff for recipies together
tips slaughterhouse,plus a lil molasses... just add water...

shooter ricks...

last but not least, wutangs plus!!! added a little jerk seasoning to it.

here the trio ready to start the cure journey,in the brine is tips weighing in at 2.5 lbs, center is wutangs at 2.25, and to the right shooter ricks at 2.5 lbs.

ready for smoke...

being i doing 2 butts and a brisket in the gosm figured i would see if the masterbilt still worked, only second time i used it!!! note the probe not inserted into loin yet at this time.

inserted probe later into the smoke. note i put in middle sized chunk, also i put the larger piece to the right which is directly above the heating element. it runs a little hotter on that side.

tookem to 160 deg, good for imediate consumption without any cooking.

and here is the finished product, l to rt is slaughterhouse,shooters, and wutang style cb. i am not going to judge these on here as they were all good tasting and each has its own factors, the slaughterhouse is a more mild flavored cb, shooters is a little more aggressive which for those with happy taste buds will appreciate, and the wutang style was well pretty dang special as well, i think that jerk seasoning was pretty awesome on it. the only thing i did notice and you will be able to see in this sliced picture was the texture of the brine/cure canadian bacon, it was not the same as the other two which were in a dry cure. that however took nothing away from it and maybe i sliced it a little to warm, i was a bit anxious to try it out. great job to these peeps who posted there recipies and allowed me the use of them. thank a bunch!!!

thks for cking my pix!!!
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Nice! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the club!
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Those look really good Erain. Perfect sandwich making material icon_smile.gif. If you get a chance could you pass on the links to each recipe? I have tried searching but cannot find.....
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Great looking bacon and observations.I really want to try the wet cure myself.

Thanks for the comparisons....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wutangs recipe came out looking more like ham or canadian bacon. mine come out more white looking like the other 2 .
The 1st ones i did came out pink to red and were great. but next 2 times like they didn't cure all the way. need to get wutangs reci[pe and see what the difference is.
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Congrads on your first Erain, they all look great. If you thought you had a smokin addiction before, you were wrong. now you do.
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Nice job there buddy, I knew you would do good.points.gif
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Thanks for the awesome post and pics. After reviewing your post, I think I now have a plan for the tendrloin I have in the freezer.
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Great post and comparisons.
I have yet to try out canadian bacon but it's on the list.
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Erain. Looks like you will be eating well for a while. They look great and great job for your first time.
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Now thats a well done job erain. I like all 3 ways I don't really know which one was better like you said they each have their own flavors. I like cb and now I just tried buckboard and it's good too.
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