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Some Butts!

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Well gettin ready fer the 2nd weekend a sept, got a job were doin so started smokin the meats.

Here be two of em, one picnic an a butt, did 5 last night, boy, it sure was chilly durin the night, fall is here an summer ain't over yet! Whooped up some plain jane abt's fer a snack, used my japs, man, them sure are sweet! No heat to em at all but great flavor! No pics of em, was to tired ta look fer the camera!

Here be the picnic after a nap in the cooler (after my nap to!).

The picnic pulled an a butt waitin it's turn.

We got two roasters full sittin in the ice box, gonna bag an freeze later in the day.
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Looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Send some of that cool weather down here biggrin.gif
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Looks good, Tip. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif What else is on the menu?
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Gonna steam bout 250 ears a sweet corn, a huge batch a smoke in the holler beans (Them gonna be done on site in just bout ever dutch oven I got!), coleslaw an apple cobbler. Anybody wanna help bake cobbler?
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Great looking Q my friend. It's blazing saddles here in SoCal.
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Triple digits again today & the fires they are a burnin'PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Wer're burning our footsis off down south here. But thats some good looking butts and you say theres 5 more way to go there travis.
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I hear ya on the cool weather Tip, even all the way out here in Jersey. 60s at night time low 80s during the day. Hell, tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 71! I don't mind it so much but my hot peppers aren't too happy.

I'd offer to help out with the cobbler if I could bake a little better, don't suppose the folks would be very happy with burnt cobbler...
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Looks good Tip. If I was closer Id help with the cobbler. I tried DO camping cobbler about 2 weeks ago and it was great.

Cant wait to see the pics from the whole spread.
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I need to do 4 butts myself for the weekend of the 12th. Doing these ahead of time, how are you keeping them?

I've been trying to decide if I wanted to smoke em the day/night before and leave them in the pans resting and pull on the spot, or ?

I can do two at a time on the UDS, but do not have rack space for 4.
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HW: I vac bag an freeze, then rewarm in a pan a water. Just as good if not better then fresh. I figure it gives the flavours time ta blend that way.

After warmin up in the water I put mine in roasters or they go inta chafer pans fer large groups. Ifin it's just me an momma, I do pound packs an warm up the same way, or it can be done in the microwave on the defrost cycle which don't tend ta overcook it.

When rewarmin, I use the left over juices (liquid gold I call it) an when I come up short I add in a bit a apple juice er better yet apple cider.
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Very nice Trav, great looking plan you got. What's the occasion? No worries, you havit completeleh undah control!

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A caterin job fer bout 200, I been pushin for it all summer an it finally came through, although, I have to miss part 2 of the Iowa Gatherin.
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first off glad to hear about the work.... dang who gonna find the light switch at the gathering... great looking PP tip!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll give the park ranger a call show he can show steve where it be! Oh, wait, steve-park ranger, maybe I better not!
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Sounds like a good road map to follow. Much easier (and timing wise) safer plan to prep ahead if the quality stays up. Might be a good job for me this week. Last time I checked, our local Sam's was selling butts for 98 cents a pound. I could use four for the smoke and 2 for cold smoked rope sausage. Gonna be cool the next couple days, so now may be a good time to smoke the sausage.

As for cider.....funny you should mention that. I'm doing pulled pork for about 60.....a family gathering to make about 100 gallons of cider. Green like that out of the could be used......but homemade cider is best left to contemplate life for about a month, during which it develops a little sparkle. Sometime around the end of October the fizz is just about perfect.
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