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ABT Fattie w/qview (Pic heavy)

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I decided since I loved my Anaheim ABT’s, and I love fatties that it was time to combine the two. So here it is. The ABT Fattie. I smoked two Anaheim ABT’s at 250 for 1.5 hours with cherry wood.

While the ABT’s were smoking I made some fresh pork sausage from some ground pork butt’s. Kind of a Brat mix of spices. I used sea salt, white pepper, marjoram, mace, ginger, parsley. Hand mixed and flattened out in a zip lock bag. Rested the sausage in the fridge while I did my bacon weave.

Once the ABT’s were done, I rolled them in the sausage with a little extra Jack cheese.

Wrapped in the bacon.

Rested in the freezer 20 minutes, then on to the MES with an extra anaheim ABT for the wife.

Smoked at 250 with cherry wood till 160 in the middle. I then broiled it to crisp the bacon.

The result was really tasty. I may add some roasted pepper bits to the sausage itself next time to punch up the sausage. My wife agrees this is a winner recipe that we will tweak to perfection.
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Oh yah!!! dot looks gud!!!! Gonna have to try that myself!
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Wow that looks tasty!! Gotta do me one sooooon.. Great job!!icon_cool.gif
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Now thats a good idea on the fattie. I like it. It goes to show you that a fattie is just a vesile for want ever you can think of. Great job
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The art of making something look worth eating... has been accomplished here in this smoke. Thanks for sharing the Q View my friend.
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It was actually tough to get a clean picture with the smoke ring and all. Having the ABT's wrapped in the bacon in the middle did a great job of keeping the cheese where you want it. When I cut the fattie, the cheese spread itself through out the piece. worked great! The wife and I were talking after I made the post last night, and she has given me the go ahead to grind up a few butts to start working on just experimenting with some sausage recipes. It seems to us that when you get that much flavor in the middle of the fattie the sausage while tasty on it's own gets a bit lost. It will be fun experimenting to get the right balance. It's a great thing when the wife starts to love the food coming out of the smokers, and gives the thumbs up to buy meat for experiments. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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