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Hit the Jackpot with a catch...LOL

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First off, I live within 4 miles of a "Restaurant Depot" and was able to join... OH MY WORD those prices are KICK 'DONKEY'!!!!

I can't believe how much of a meat smokers dream it is to see items we use so cheap!! I'm talking Cheaper than SAM'S by far in some cases. I know cuz I've been a Sam's business card holder since '91.

ANYWAY, so they have a boat load of meat!!...all cuts, all kinds, all different prices. WOW, bone in pork butts for $.97/lb... Spare ribs for the same!!

So I went there to get their Pork Butts for tomorrows smoke... I thought they were going to come 4 to a package and instead they are only 2 to a package which now DOUBLES my cooking time that if I want to be done by 6pm SAT eve, I have to at least think about starting at 3am in order to do 2 9lb butts.... right? (I can't cut them in half can I ???... they are 'bone-in' so I'd think that not to be an option)

here they are on Butcher Paper ready for my Rub...

Rubbed them and wrapped in paper and put in the frig till 3am....

Also made some "Chevys Salsa" while I was fooling around with all the Cilantro I bought from Restaurant Depot...

When I get up and put them on I'll post more pics...LOL
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Cut the bone out carefully, then cut the butts in half. There are no problems, only solutions. Smoke on!
Xlnt prices by the way.
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Great prices! I'll be looking for more qview later. smile.gif
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Seriously???...that would be awesome, I will try that first thing in the morn...
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Nice I'll be waiting for the Qview.
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been doing business at the "Depot" for a long time myself. You'll never beat the bang for the buck there.

All you need is a resale license (or a friend with one) to join.

You can check out their locations and specials here:
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Now thats is a deal from down under for sure. We have a resturant depot thet just opened 6-8 months ago and I been tring to find a way in the doors. Now those are some great prices you got there and thats all the time. I'm wondering how much is a resale licence anyway.
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If you figure that out, I'm all ears..icon_mrgreen.gif
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I've cut up many a butts without a problem. Sometimes I'll cut it down to chunks, depending on how I'm going to use it. It's all good my friend.
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Excellent deal bud! I wish they had a Restaurant Depot here in the SW part of the state!

Looking forward to your Q PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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All I used was a State Tax ID number... we even did it threw our 'Dog Rescue' organization.

Go to the site and it reads:
*Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you need to show a valid reseller's permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and show proof that you are authorized to purchase for said business or organization.

All you need to become a member is your Certificate of Authority (business license), or proof that you represent a non-profit organization.

ANYWAY, I hope you all the best of luck cuz that place ROCKS!!!

QVIEW continue:

Got the Butts divided and loaded....

Got a GREAT fire going, the rest is time....

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Down here a buissiness license is $25 per year.
It and a tax id # or all you need for resale.
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everything went by the book!!
since I cut the butts in half, I got them done in plenty of time and no rushing or fussing...

Filled 3 of those 12x9 pans with excellent pulled pork, 1 pan goes to my neighbor (my hunting connection PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif) 1 pan goes with us tonight to a party/concert with some old locals...
Last pan is mine to cherish!!!
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Looks Great, nice job...
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