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New 120 Gal Grill / Smoker on Small Trailer - Page 2

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That is a sweet looking rig so far. I can't wait to see the finished product.
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Update on my project.

Got some work done on it over the weekend. Corrected the size opening from the fire box to the smoker chamber (based on the Smoker Ration Calculator needed 32 sq in). You can see it in a picture below.
Cut the door opening in the fire box, mounted hinges, and trim.

Fabricated the air intake and welded in the hole where I cut out the propane gauge.

Redid the hinges and remounted the door on the smoker. Welded the handles on both (actually did this before the air intake).

Getting a little closer. Will be working on the cooking grill and wood burner grades hopefull after work this week to get it ready for the sandbaster and paint. Will post more as I work on it.
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It looks like a fun project and its looking good.
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comming along great!
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randy, glad to see the build coming along! i was looking at the pics of your build and the air intake on the firebox, imo, i would think about changing the style to be a design that is more finely adjustable with the air flow. when mine is up and running just a small change on the intake will change the temp by say 5-10 degrees. just a thought. great looking build, can't wait for more pics!!
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It all looks real good to me!! I agree with unclebeef on the air intakes on the firebox. I probably would have made them sliding and below the fire grate but it looks like it will be ok... Great job on the doors! Those are the hardest part in my opinion and yours look like a snug fit. Watch that handle on the firebox, it's gonna get screamin hot!!! Drink a few beers and forget about that and you will sober up real quick!icon_redface.gif

Make sure that trailer is gonna hold up!!! Looks a little on the small side, might wanna reinforce it a little more from side to side!? I know it is rated for 850lbs but you have alot of weight on certain points where the square tube supports the smoker. The 850lbs rating is for even distribution. Maybe weld up where those bolts are also just incase one decides to fall out. Can't be too safe!
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Update on my 120 Gal Smoker project.

A big thanks to both of you for the advice on the air intake. I corrected it today, let me know what you think. I believe it will work a lot better too. I had already planned to beef up the trailer a litte you are correct on the safety pitch.

Completed the lower grill and set the tracks for the upper one. Ran out of material will have to do it later in the week.

Used Re-Bar for the fire box wood grage. I think it will last longer with the heat.

Set the outlet damper.

Forgot to take a picture but also completed the charcoal grades in the smoker chamber too.
It’s getting closer to being ready to sandblast for paint. Will set the temperature gage and fire it up to validate the temperature in the smoker chamber, hopefully this week/weekend.
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Very nice looking project, I am looking forward to updates !!!
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comming along nice......there are some talented folks here.
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Wow that is really coming along nice -
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randy, great job man! points.gif i see you have been busy,all of it's looking good. i cant wait for the tbs.
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Very nice! I would love to do something like that someday.
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Nice rig. Throw a brother smoker some welding tips. Your welds look like butter. What kind of rods are you using, what welder, what amps? Thanks for any tips. My welds look crappy. Every now and then I lay down a perfect one, then back to crap. I've built one smoker, now I've got a 500 gal tank getting ready to make another one.

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The key pretty welds are:

Clean metal - No rust, dirt, coatings, oils etc. on the area to be welded.
Good welder - Nice AC/DC welder.
Practice - Practice, practice, practice...
And of course, the right settings on your welder in combination with the right rods.

Just my 2 cents..
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A very nice looking build... I'm with the guy that says weld the bolt heads in the trailer frame. :)

Can't wait to see pics of her smoking it up!
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looks awesome...When your done with this one you can come to my house and build me one....lol
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Thanks for the feed back from all. On the welding tip, I agree with Jok on his advise and really focusing on “practice, practice, practice”. As for as my welder, I have an old (1973) Sears AC Arc and a new Millermatic 180 Auto-Set Mig. I use them both. When I welding under the rig or inside I use the Arc with 1/8th 6011 rod @ 115 AMPs. Either one works, I am an on stick welder and it works better for me on the dirty metal and when welding overhead. The Miller is an Auto-Set and I am using .030 wire and settings for 1/8” – 3/16” thickness. The Miller does an Excellent Job!

Thanks Race, I will weld the trailer up more. You all are correct and I will let you all know I will build my trailers going forward, just seen where someone used the one I trying and wanted to give it a try. It will be easer to build a trailer for the smoker instead of fitting the smoker to a trailer I am thinking.
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Got a little more done today, or should I say corrected. Thanks to unclebeef and jok for the catch. I relocated the inlet air damper under the charcoal / wood grade and placed a wire handle on the fire box to displace the heat. Let me know what you think? Much better now.

The smoker is ready for the sandblaster and paint. Wanted to test the temperature in the chamber so did a dry (no meat) run. Used 5-lbs of charcoal and one small pick of oak to see if I could control the temperature with the intake damper and chamber damper. Once the coals got the gray added the wood. Was able to control the temp from 190F to 290F and moved it back to 225F with no trouble at all. Did this for over an hour. I really think it going to get the green light go. Next weekend going to give it a good burn in and off to the blaster to get ready for paint. TBS not far away now.

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Had to make another modification, the tongue was to short. It would be OK, but if someone used it that isn’t very good at backing, the tank would hit the vehicle without much error. So I did a few other things two. With the tongue extended I was able to place a wood / charcoal box on in front of the tank. I will also go ahead and place a rack for a spare tire too. You will see it in the final post. Added a small shelf under the handle, completed the 2nd grill rack, and placed expended metal under the tank for additional wood storage. Having trouble finding a business that sandblast trailers. So I have borrowed my buddies and will do it myself. The next time I post will be the completed project.

Now off to sandblast this thing..
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Thanks for keeping us up to date on your project. I was thinking about that space underneath the smoker for charcoal or folding tables or something, looks like you thought of that too as you added expanded metal to the trailer frame as a floor. points.gif
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