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Elk Enchiladas

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Sorry I didn't smoke these but thought perhaps some folks would like some easy enchiladas. I made these with corn tortillas, ground elk made into taco meat, canned green chiles, cheddar cheese and Old El Paso enchilada sauce (half red, half green).

I hope you enjoyed these. I know I did!icon_mrgreen.gif
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You can sign me up for a double helping of those! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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dang straight Bman!!! looks great and with elk you know it is!!! nice pics, thks for sharing man!!!points.gif
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Looks great Keith.
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Very nice job there bassman. Those look awesome and didi you putt hem in the oven or smoker. they sure sound goood either way.
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These would have gone in the smoker, but my wife threatened me with bodily harm if I smoked them. She's not quite as big a fan of smoked food as I am.
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Those sure look good...
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Enchiladas... now you've hit a central nerve. Congrats on a tasty meal, and thanks for sharing.
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