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cassings ? for kielbasa

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ok want to make some polish kielbasa got a recipie now what do you recomend for the casingsicon_question.gificon_question.gif
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The last batch I did I just used hog casings and they came out pretty decent
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I agree with Jerry hog casings
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Hog casings about the brat size if ya have a choice. I just did some a week or two ago and they are posted if ya curiious. Yumm Stuff.
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32 mm hog far as I know.
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Hog casing, 28-34 mm would be best.

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Hog casings for sure, somewhere along the 30mm size.
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Another hog user here, again in the 32mm range. However, the more I use collagen the more I like them. Very easy, but that comes at a price though $$$.
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ya asked a question and ya got the answers... yup on the hog as well.
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Yeppers...I'm a hog man too.
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I use 36mm hog casings for polish and summer sausages, 32mm for Italian sausages, and 19mm sheep casings for little link breakfast sausages. All available at:

if you need a source to buy them at.
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Around here kielbasa and ring Bologna are 36-38 mm size hog casings. to me it wouldn't taste the same in a 32.
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Hmmm, seems like it would "taste" exactly the same to me if the seasonings are the same, just different how you like to eat it. I like the smaller casings so I can put it in a bun if I want. To each there own I say!! icon_smile.gif

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hog it is i will order some sound like 32mm is the pop. size.
thanks for all the input PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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